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Super simple feature request/change (Main Screen vs Research screen controls)

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Copied from my reddit post on the matter.... 

Forgive me if this has been discussed before. I'm, like, a reddit nub.

Anyways, so, I've noticed something that frequently trips me up that I don't quite understand the purpose of. When scrolling around the main screen to tell your dupes what to do you can use your mouse by holding right click and moving the screen around, right? However, once you get into the research screen to move around you hold *left* click. If you even click right click you exit out of the research screen entirely, instead of moving around. This seems like something that is needlessly complicated, as it makes more intuitive sense to keep the same button as the "moving" button between screens.

Has this tripped anybody else up? Surely I cannot be the only one that has thought this.


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