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How to get Ro Bin Easily ( Double ? )

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1- get the egg
2- put it on your shelf in your house
3- wait
4- wait
5- wait
6- get jump scared by a Ro Bin. !
this is a bug obviously i wanted to keep my egg as decoration but this happened. ( WARNING : Picking up the Egg and placing on floor will get you another Ro Bin ) ;):D 

also you only need 1 Gizzard stone to make them both follow you


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29 minutes ago, ucw said:

I thought I had to incubate near fire to get the ro bin -- would have preferred to just leave it on my bookself until it hatched.  

Well, you just need to put it by the fire until it starts moving, then you can put it in your pocket and it'll continue to incubate.


...I think. Don't quote me on that.


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