Steadfast Great Armour Trick


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You can unequip Steadfast Great Armour when you are healing and not under attack to regenerate more health

This works because when you equip the suit, health recalculates depending on the percentage. Putting this simply - the less health you have the faster you will heal up to 100%.

In most cases this armour wears Woodie, he has 200 hp, with armour 300 hp, so healing without the armour will grant him +50% more health. Maxwell being the most fragile and grumpy fellow will get +133% boost out of this trick. But wearing no armour most certainly can backfire if somebody attacks you. This also works at any armour that adds to max health, but regenerated amout will differ.

P.S. - This idea is not original, I saw it done a few days ago and wrote this because I didn't see any mention about it at the forum so far

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