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  1. Good day, gents Nobody can see my server's true ping, instead it's always shown as mysterious "???", wich is pretty much makes very unlikely for random fellows to join in. I'm creating servers through casual means the game provides, and it suits my needs. I also tried to set up dedicated servers - aaand everything works but ping stays stubbornly unknown. Also I've done my homework and forwarded some naughty ports (10999, 10888) in my tp-link router, wich *of course* didn't help at all. UPnP on. Even set up triggers in the same fasion. Made exceptions in Windows Defender, didn't help, then for good measure turned the whole local firewall off, nothing. As I understand this problem is as old as wilson's beard, judging by other posts. First time I've noticed it in Gorge, but then I haven't play on my own servers for a while. Any suggestions? What else can I try? Is there even hope? Really would appreciate some help. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, it's weird that Maxwell is better than Woodie in log gathering business. I pick a dapper mastermind and everyone asking me to go chop these pesky trees. I wish I could say "YOU HAVE WOODIE FOR THAT!", but no
  3. Wayward Twitch items

    nevermind, I think I confused umbrella frame with an actual skin and then event has ended before I got it
  4. I've recieved Umbrella skin and then Directional sign skin after logging in as presents, but they do not appear in my belongings nor in the actual game could you help me?