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All Gases & Liquids Texture Replacer and Its Animation Replacer Suggestion For Future Update

All Gases & Liquids Texture and Animation Replacer  

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  1. 1. Would you like these to be implemented in the future update? (Please read and understand my point of idea before answering this Poll, thank you.)

    • Yes! We'd love to see this in future update
    • No, i like current Gas & Liqud textures

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A square gas tile looks boring so does a liquid ball.



Now I will show you my painting skill...















Gas will flow gradually like in real life and if 1 Gas Pipe is destroyed, the gas will leak and distribute its concentrated mass to its surroundings. So do Liquid Pipes.


I prefer original gas texture & water texture from world map but I can even barely reproduce that. These sketches is my limit and I don't have the resources to match ONI clean water quality.


Here are a list of what I'm suggesting for future update

  1. Replace all gases & liquids texture inside pipe with its original texture from the map
  2. Make a smooth flow animation when passing through pipes


Paintings Resources




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I like the cartoony nature of liquids in pipes. It also arranges well with the game logic. I understand that it might look nicer if it was all connected but it doesn`t add funcionallity and instead removes it (you wouldn`t be able to see small packets passing by). I`m ok if it was an option but replacing the current system is a no from me.

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