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Fence Gate from DST for DS - please, Klei

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It's been mentioned in several topics around, but it's such a small, yet such a big thing.

Please transfer the fence gate from DST to DS! Pretty please?

Would be cool if all other goodies (moonstones <3 bosses <3) were transferred as well (duh), but at least the gate alone, can even skip the fence, who really needs the fence if we can have DA GATE, amirite?

Klei pls.


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There is a mod for that already for DS in general, but...I forget if it works in Hamlet (yet) or not.  Lemme check.

Okay it seems the answer is "I don't know."  It's compatible with everything up to Shipwrecked, but Hamlet isn't even mentioned (not even by commenters).  So use at your own risk...? I guess?  Here it is if anyone wants to check it out in general:  Wooden Fences.

Of course, mods don't work for everyone, but if you CAN use them, maybe stuff like this could be a temporary stopgap measure...?


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