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Science makes my head hurt


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Basically when you have enough materials for an item you walk up to the science machine and it makes it for you, then you can make it anywhere. However some times require an alchemy engine.Also one thing i don't get is the graveyard items now. What can i do with buttons that i dug up from a graveyard?

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It's a little different from before, but now you don't need to "feed" the science machine anymore. After you have built the science machine, you need to bring the materials needed, for the item you want to make, to the science machine in order to make a "prototype". The "prototype" is nothing special, but what it means is that you are then allowed to create that item everywhere on the map that you desire. Let's take an example: The shovel. It begins locked, so you need to "research" it. That means that you have to build a science machine, then bring the materials needed for the shovel (2 flints and 2 twigs) to the science machine, build your first shovel, and then you can create the shovel anywhere on the map as you please. I hope that this vague explanation helped. :)

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