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  1. While you're finishing the game, perhaps you could check up on the spelling on the characters' quotes when you examine certain objects. For example, Wilson's quote for examinating an Evergreen is "It's all Piney.". I don't know if the capital P is intended (might be a pun, which I haven't figured out), but it looks better when their quotes are spelled correctly. :encouragement:Don't blame me if I have made some spelling mistakes, English isn't my native language, but it was just a small notice that I wanted to bring up.
  2. Yeah, Tallbirds have been going scarce nowadays, had just one of those buggers on my latest world (it was close to a "bunny-kingdom", so the Tallbird went rampage through there, leaving morsels for me to feast upon xD).
  3. I wonder why MacTusk runs away at 1:06 after he has taken a shot at Wilson. Is he reloading?
  4. While I like the idea of ranged mobs, the walrus hunting party, I sincerely hope that their damage output will be relatively low, as there seems to be no way in order to dodge it, as for what the trailer shows us. Other than that, can not wait for the update to get released!
  5. It's a little different from before, but now you don't need to "feed" the science machine anymore. After you have built the science machine, you need to bring the materials needed, for the item you want to make, to the science machine in order to make a "prototype". The "prototype" is nothing special, but what it means is that you are then allowed to create that item everywhere on the map that you desire. Let's take an example: The shovel. It begins locked, so you need to "research" it. That means that you have to build a science machine, then bring the materials needed for the shovel (2 flints and 2 twigs) to the science machine, build your first shovel, and then you can create the shovel anywhere on the map as you please. I hope that this vague explanation helped.
  6. Ahh, yes, most likely will taffy need butter, it's a drop from killing a butterfly, but it's unusual, at least for me. Out of 15 butterflies that I have killed in my latest run (in search of butter to make waffles), only 1 of them dropped butter for me, the rest gave me their wings.
  7. I wonder how you will make taffy. Perhaps with honey and some new ingredients? Least to say, this new update will be very interesting, though I have never understood how dapperness can keep one "sane". Of course, we're talking about Don't Starve, the Tallbird and the Krampus aren't really the most logical creatures that have existed, so maybe we should just let that slide.