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  1. Hey, i'm having trouble keeping my sanity up ever since the update and I was wondering how else I can raise my sanity besides picking flowers.
  2. hey my game just crashed and I got this error, im posting this here because it wont let me post it on the bug tracker forum
  3. Im 63 days into this world I have and I haven't seen any red hounds yet and im wondering when they will come because I want some red gems.
  4. Pretty sure you can give the pigs flowers and still get manure, so you don't have to waste berries
  5. Basically when you have enough materials for an item you walk up to the science machine and it makes it for you, then you can make it anywhere. However some times require an alchemy engine.Also one thing i don't get is the graveyard items now. What can i do with buttons that i dug up from a graveyard?