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Hello guys! (•ω•)

We do have large wires for high-watt energy transfer.

However our pipes seems to have limited capacity. plus, I hate the way it flows, it flows too slow.

Today I am going to share my ideas about large pipelines.


Talking large pipelines, the materials is the very first concern.

The very basic requirement: To withstand high pressure, which the hardness of the material building it must be >=50. It does mean many materials cannot be used such as igneous rocks and copper. However you are lucky to have sustainable iron from meteors, which its hardness is qualified for building large pipelines or large vents (its hardness is 50).

Insulation/heat conductivity depends on the material used.


A large pipe has a doubled capacity compared with the most common regular pipes, with ×3 flow speed as there is fewer averge friction. However you can’t connect big pipes directly with the small one, otherwise it will BREAK (mechanism taken from electricity wires). Similarly if you supply fluids by high pressure pipes to a building (exception, vents.), it also recieves damage effect.

So like what is done in electricity (using transformers), we simply use fluid valves. I prefer the exist one than creating a the new one.


Large pipes cannot build across tiles. You know what I mean. You’ll need crossing tiles.



Hope this can help your base “flow” more efficiently.

Comment please (•ω•)/


Da*n, those pipes are “too slow”!

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The classic request from users of having high-pressure gas & liquid pipes, would help me greatly in the vanilla game. If they could carry x10 - x20 then it would reduce my total built pipe amount to 10% ( scrapping 90% of my pipe network ). This would give me and other pipe network builders a great amount of frame rate recovery.

I only play vanilla, I sometimes experience "speed crashes", which means the game is gone within one second without the crash reporter coming up. So far I can often tell what caused the speed crash an can continue playing with a previous save.


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