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Has anyone found a way to unlock Wilba?

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Like the title says, I am wondering if anyone has found a LEGITIMATE way to unlock Wilba. I know you can use console to unlock every character, that is not what I want to do.

The following are ways I have tried:


I tried giving her the royal crown which you get from the womant queen, this did not work. 

I tried giving her the crown then slaughtering her mother, this also did not work.

I tried giving her various items including coins and trinkets, which also did not work. 

I tried giving her mother the royal crown and staff which again, did not work. 

If you have found a way to unlock her let me know! 

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Another Bug (I guess). When creating new world, choose only RoG and change character, you should have Wilba and Warbucks available, If doesn't work, try DS + SW or RoG + SW. When you'll have right character, change DLC back to HAM and start game.

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4 hours ago, Jynn said:

i gave her the crown, left the palace, re-entered the palace, and she was gone. Exiting to main menu shows her unlocked

In my case I gave Wilba the crown, she still complains about missing crown. Left the place and came back, she is still there, still complaining about missing crown. Still not unlocked.


Come on Klei, if this is a bug just let us know soo I can wait until it is fixed.

I wanna be a princess :(

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