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  1. So! I'm working on making (and constantly updating) the critter + morphs image sheet. Now I've found some updated assets in the files, but I'm pretty sure they haven't been implemented into the game yet...so I'm kinda shooting in the dark with them. So it's as the title says, do you think I got them right? I'm pretty sure I've nailed the second Pacu morph, but I'm also pretty sure I've completely screwed up on the first Pacu morph. How do you think it's supposed to look? Edit: Never mind, I've got everything wrong. I suppose I'll just make this a compilation thingy and ship it over to the art thread.
  2. new stuff found in this update 5th island Secret rooms in ruins new exhibit item New relics
  3. So, this is just a post on my findings of experimenting with characters in Hamlet. I will update often on my finds. Please keep in mind this is a little opinionated and you may not like what you see Wilson: Willow: Wolfgang: Wendy: WX-78: Wickerbottom: Woodie: Maxwell: Wes 'The Overpowered': Wigfrid: Webber: Walani: Warly: Woodlegs: Wilbur: Warbucks: Wilba: But hey, if you wanna play as you want, do that. No-one is stopping you
  4. Hey everyone! I wanted to make a tips and tricks sheet compiling information I learned in the beta plus a ton of info from here on the forum. I'm trying to cover less obvious stuff and some mechanical details but also be slightly thorough (so mentioning some obvious stuff for the sake of it). I will do my best to keep the list updated as new stuff gets added and as I find more information from players / the forum / the game. [I'm also going to be focusing on the Forge and the Halloween event in DST more than Hamlet, so bare with me the first few weeks if I'm slow.] I'll try to be as organized as possible. Also if you have any tips to add, please post and I will update this initial post as I can! DISCLAIMER: Things may also have changed since the beta. This may not be completely accurate as of Early Access. That said, let's get into it. World Map and Navigation Seasons and Seasonal Effects Hamlet Foods (I'm not copying and editing my original post during the Beta to here... it's too much work.) I know at least one value has changed... and somehow I missed Bean Bugs and Jelly Slugs. I will update as I get access to check numbers out. Hamlet Creatures and Dealing With (some of) Them Frequently Asked Questions How to get "insert item name here"? How to use the "insert item name here"? What do I do with "insert item name here"? I can't place the sprinkler it's bugged! The rest of the frequently asked questions... Guides - You can farm silk. You can't place the sprinkler. You can get a walking cane! Well... sort of... it's a stalking cane. Full Guide on Silk and Spider Monkeys How to use the Sprinkler [Also a Nettle Guide] Full Stalking Cane Guide And finally... Useful Tips - A list of quick tips that didn't fit anywhere else! Will look back soon to correct/add more. Like I said at the top, if you have more tips or things I missed, please post them here and I will add them. I'll also update new info and the old missing info in what I already posted. THIS POST IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION I'm done with the second wave, but there will surely be quite a few more edits. So much nesting of spoilers. I just wanted to keep it from being a massive text wall! Sorry not sorry! Also I now hate "Ctrl + Z - Undo" with nested spoiler tags with a burning passion. I had to redo two sections completely because of the nonsense interaction. Klei I demand reimbursement.
  5. The following is a little guide about the ROC I put together since there isn’t much information available about it. What is the ROC? How/Where does the ROC spawn? What does the ROC do? What should I do to prepare for the ROC? What can I do to avoid the ROC? What do I do with the Rock Egg? What do I do with the Royal Sceptor? I hope this helped some of you learn more about the ROC and all of its content! If there is anything about the ROC I should add/forgot to add, or if any of the information about it is wrong please let me know and I’ll add/change this guide accordingly.
  6. Like the title says, I am wondering if anyone has found a LEGITIMATE way to unlock Wilba. I know you can use console to unlock every character, that is not what I want to do. The following are ways I have tried: If you have found a way to unlock her let me know!
  7. So, the Beta has been out for a while and all of that. So it'd be a good time to give a mega feedback round! I will be rating everything that has been added or datamined and probably will be coming to the game. If you are too lazy to read everything there will be a TL;DR. Let's Start. --------------[TL;DR]-------------- Characters: - Enviroment: + Pig City: + Bosses: ++ --------------------------------------- --------------[Characters]-------------- Warbucks The Gentleman Hunter *Is an explorer *Loves his fortune *Picky eater Design: - Perks: - Warbucks, a new character unlocked through XP, let's just say what everyone else has said so far; His Skin looks weird and he doesn't match his title. Warbucks is supposed to be a Gentleman Hunter, has a Rifle on his Portrait, yet plays more like an explorer. Is there a reason for that? His Perks don't really match his Title, he seems more like a Gentleman Explorer at this point. And yes, the skin kinda pulls him further away from the DS Cast. It'd not hurt him if the skin went a bit more dull. I know he's supposed to look like the explorers/hunters from early 90s cartoons, yet that sadly doesn't match the game all too much. Other than that Im a bit disturbed by the fact that wilsons' assets were used during the making of this guy, but fine. I'd like to see his perks or title revisited depending on which direction you really want to move him. And just dull the skin a bit - not too much, not too little and maybe fluff his hair a bit up. the portrait shows that its kinda wavey and more unkept. Wilba The Royal Adventurer *Is a pig *Is royalty *Is afraid of the dark Design: + Perks: +- Wilba, a datamined upcoming character, seems ok. She's a princess from the looks of it and has some pretty funny quotes. The Perks seem a bit bland tho, don't you think? being a pig and royalty sounds interesting but other than that she seems to not be all that special. I had seen her assets and besides the super thin lines that I hope will not look like that when the DLC is out I only have to complain about her dress. The magenta purple color is a bit too strong and kinda hurt my eyes, other than that she seems like a cool addition to the rooster. General Im unsure what to say here to be honest. The characters seem to add some new mechanics but other than that it's semi reused. we already have a few picky characters and being afraid of the dark ain't new, too, but I know its hard to come up with some special perks for characters that make them unique and fun. For Warbucks I'd redo the perks, he'd start with the Blunderbuss he has on the portrait but it'd be a specail blunderbuss. The blunderbuss would start out with 3 shots and wouldn't be refillable, instead every day begin 1 shot regens (max. 3). I'd make him gain sanity from using his trusty blunderbuss on a killing strike. this'd make him focused around shooting more, thus I'd also make darts and other non magical ranged weapons give him sanity, but way less than with a blunderbuss. I'd keep the perk of being a picky eater, yet I'd change the name perhabs to "*likes his dishes well made" because it just sounds like a copy of ex. wicker. And I'd definietly buff the sanity drain from non cookpot dishes since they are quite easily accessible in Hamlet. For Wilba, even if she's unreleased, I'd definietly merge the perk pig and royalty together. and instead add a new perk "*Has a sweettooth" meaning she gains more stats from sweet stuff, since she's a child. Im unsure how the "Is afraid of the dark" perk will play out, but try to make it a bit more unique than Wolfgangs, ok? --------------[Enviroment]-------------- Biomes Design: + I must say I fell in love with the biomes immidiently, I love that you get that small leaf overlay on top when you enter the jungle, the poisonous jungle fog/smoke it's amazing! The only thing that keeps the Design from being a ++ is the Water Pond/River Biome. I must say there is really no reason for it besides aestehtics of a jungle. And they are so small that it's really pointless to make a boat just for them. Im unsure what to add to make it better, maybe make the koi fish that king fisher's drop have their shoals there? It's kinda crappy that there's no other way to get fish. Other than that I have 1 more comment that must be made. This. This has been bothering me for a while, the Lines of Aloe and Radish seem to be huge for some reason and the method of resizing is very visible on it. please do something about it. Mobs Design: ++ I love 'em all. Can't say more than that. Dangerous Poison Frogs, Thunder Owls, Flytraps that have this Evolution inspired function from the Together version of the game, it's all awesome. The only thing that bothers me personally are the Hanging Vine copy cats that disguise themself just as a vine xD They're really annoying. Dungeons Design: ++ In case you have no idea what "dungeons" are, I mean the Room mechanic by it, since it seems to be inspired by the style of random dungeon generator games. It's super fun to run around there and get some sweet loot and dodge some of the deadly traps and inhabiting mobs. The only thing that kinda bothers me is; Abigail. She seems to trigger pressure plates somehow, even when she's a flying ghost. Seasons Design: ++ Just plain love them. They provide new challange and fit quite well with the theme of a floating island. In case you don't know the Temperate, Humid and Lush season are what we are dealing with here and their mechanics are interesting and annoying! The Temperate season provides no challange, being our typical Autumn starter season, The Humid season makes it rain, literally. and as an addition to that makes a fog around your character. If you have played Together and experienced the Sandstorm its similar to that. There are obvious ways to counter it, mainly the Pith Hat. After that season we've got the Lush Season. During this season the Rainforest Trees start to bloom and spread their pollen around everywhere. Guess what, all characters are allergic against that and will get a sneeze attack! This drains your sanity by 5 for each sneeze and has a chance to drop your inventory items. It's super annoying but obviously there are counters to that, like the Gas Mask or Nettles. Overall it's amazing to be honest, although I'd nerf the sanity drain by a tiny bit on the Sneezes. The mysterious Aporkalypse which is an overlay season (aka is taking place during another season without obstructing it) seems also like a blast to have fun with. Endless night with a lot of bats. Seems like an amazing challenge for those that think it's too easy to live in the place of Hamlet. --------------[Pig City]-------------- Shops Design: + With a bit of the pig's currency, oincs (great acronym), you can buy anything you wish, there are a lot of stores and even more in another village, wink wink. It's amazing but makes the game quite easy especially that getting money is simple, bringing me to the next point; Economy Design: +- It's so super easy to gain money and buy anything you want. Clipping Hedges gives you 2 clippings, each clipping is an oinc, now thing about this, the hedge mazes seem to grow to full every ~5-7 days which is a bit over powered. Then there's a loop hole in the economy, the Groccery Shop sells berries for 1 oinc, the guy in a green coat gives you 6 oincs for 1 berry. In a nutshell you win, a lot. Other than that, you have a place where you can buy healing and sanity items, a place where you can buy general stuff, cookpot dishes and gardening stuffs. Well at least in City 1, City 2 sells hats, weapons, magical stuffs and oddities. Speaking of which, most oddities are pointless. Sorry to say but giving us Boss loot without the recipe to use it is kinda useless. Same with the Mac Tusk Tusk. Security Design: - The Pig Guards need an AI update. Sorry to push it out, but you can do a lot of bad things that the Pig Guards won't care about. Example, Pig Guards on the outskirts of the City guard some flowers/berry bushes/grass etc. basically some basic stuff, if you attempt to harvest anything, pick up anything etc. But if you take a shovel and dig it up, they won't care. Or even if you do that, drop a ten piece oinc and it'll all be forogtten. I see this as kinda some corrupt action. Even if you Murder a Pig in the Village, pfft, just pay the guards off with 10 oincs and all is forgotten. And then when a Pig-Pocket comes around and slaps you, dropping all the coins, the guards instead of being nice and give you the money back, steal it. It seems that the pig guards care about money way too much. Player Housing Design: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Can't argue here, I LOVE and I say it proudly LOVE the fact that you can have your own house and decorate it however you want it. It was the best thing in the DLC I experienced so far. --------------[Bosses]-------------- Pugalisk Pug + Basilisk Design: ++ I must say when I first enountered the Pugalisk Snake I didn't know his scales made him invulnernable, I thought I was shredding his scales off when attacking, but after that I finally noticed my mistake. The Gaze attack is amazing, just could use a proper petrification effect instead of freezing. And just the way he was made, GOD it's AMAZING, His body is made out of seperate entities working together making him feel like a REAL snake. I love it, and it was amazing in general to see him. The Rewards aren't bad either! You get Snake Bones that give you access to some simple but good soup and a Water Droplet from his fountain, through which you get access to this little fella! This little flower is your only "touch stone" in the game, there are no others. (Btw can we appreceite that its' a narcisstic narcissus flower?) It also regens your sanity by a lot when standing nearby by draning your hunger. pretty amazing! Womant Queen Woman + Ant + Queen Design: ++ After you walk around Mant Hills for a while, you might enounter her room, she's basically a DPS race boss armed with a Stun. Pretty simple and straight forward! She's a fun boss to fight against and she gives you a final boss vibe since you walk around Dungeon Rooms till you find her Her Loot ain't bad and all but can get stuck in the Stalgmite Throne. It can be mined but the Hitbox is a bit messed up. For beating her you get her crown and can be the queen now. (Or give it to the Pig Queen) Roc ??? Design: ++ It's been Data Mined and has multiple segments, seems to be the giant bird on the end of the trailer. Exceeds the size, by a lot. He seems to be an floating island with this big bird inside. Not much is known about this guy, but he seems like a challenge, a big challenge! Ancient Herald Possibly an Ancient, Lore! Design: + Seems like a WIP, but might be related to the Aporkalypse, looks ok I personally love the lil Cape but I will wait to see the finished product. Overall the DLC is fun and defo worth picking up! Super fun.
  8. SPOILER now all of us who have defeated the might adventure mode have heard of them..the being(s) behind the scene some say they are the shadow creatures...thats what they want you to think, some say charlie others say its a union but here..the secret will be revealed but first lets get some facts, first off the 3rd tip is "don't talk to strangers" in the DS trailer what does DS remind you of? the DS which is a remade gameboy, the 3rd character is a boy as of now who eats a lot to get strong, which so happens in real life what is also in real life? Hallucinations, what is addicting? Drugs, what else is addicting? Don't Starve, now the 3rd most dangerous drug causes hallucinations and hunger of which are in this game which can only mean one thing...Don't starves lord known as Them are real they are in our world. but how does this relate to 3 you might ask. well thats what they want you to think. to think i am a madman, but there is so much more that needs answering, no this is a story we don't just cannibalise half a guy then leave the rest to rot! this has to happen fully. now them's name and who they are shall be revealed now for they are..it's all piny! now we can combat this threat! knowing what they are we CAN win, now all we need is time before we can combat an army of gods who seek to destroy us, good thing were all buddies, like two bullets in a mag! to peas in a pod! two cannibal midgets in a fat guys ribcage!
  9. About the only thing I can say right now is that, in a few chapters, the title of this tale will make a whole lot more sense. That and this goes way past the game's official "ending". :3 Any critique is greatly appreciated, as I am fully aware that this, like anything made by humanity, isn't perfect. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Show Me This Life Prologue He's lost track of the number of times he's died and been forced to reawaken on this same isolated island trapped within an alternate, still unknown world. The many skeletons and items surrounding the land that he has found, he knew they were all his by now. He had been fighting the urge to just down and cry out in building insanity, but the lonely man knew that would just restart the cycle of life and death once more by drawing various predators with his tears. Even now, as he watched the flickering lights from the campfire in front of him, he still fought the urge, even as it gnawed away at his dwindling sanity. As he did every night, while sitting cross-legged near the fire, he covered his eyes with open hands and focused solely on his breathing. For a fleeting moment, he had regained a spark of peace once more to help him combat the monster of insanity that was trying to break from its chains within his mind. "I guess this is my punishment for being so greedy," the man commented to himself before removing his hands from his face and looked upon one of his palms, seeing the long scar going clear across it that has never properly healed. "Even if it was truly forbidden knowledge, it's never worth what happens in the end..." Looking up toward the sky, he spotted the sun slowly starting to rise higher and higher, revealing his appearance to any who could see him, not that it currently mattered, he was all alone... He just wished that the next death would finally be his last; he was losing any will he had left to fight and survive... ~*~*~*~*~ "Uncle Wilson! It's time for....Uncle?" A young girl holding a well-loved teddy bear in her arms had emerged in the attic floor of the house of her scientific adoptive father, surprised for a second to see her uncle's body lying prone in front of the strangest machine she's ever seen him built. "Uncle?!" Running over to the man then kneeling beside him, she tried to shake him awake in hopes that he has simply passed out once more from a failed experiment. However, no matter how hard she shook, he wouldn't awaken. It was clear that he was still alive, however. He was still breathing. "WOLFGANG!" the little girl belted out loudly as she ran out of the house as fast as her legs could carry her. After roughly an half an hour, the girl reappeared with a rather burly man, his eyes falling upon the strange machine in front of the body. "Willow, I think the machine worked..." What the man lacked in intelligence, he made up for in strength and instinct, and he was staring at the monstrous machine upon his entry fiercely. "I need you to move Uncle into bed for me, Wolfgang. You know he's too heavy for me to lift," the little girl called Willow responded just before Wolfgang carefully picked up the unconscious Wilson before laying him back down on the bed nearby. "I don't like that thing, Willow," Wolfgang spoke with a serious tone. His muscles twitched as the urge to smash that thing to bits became quite obvious. Willow broke her gaze from the unmoving man toward the machine that stood center of the room. It creeped her out for some reason. Even so, she reached her hand out toward the lever, and the last thing she remembered was a group of black hands reaching out to her and pulling her in toward the machine that had now opened its maw...