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Stuck in my usual spot, what to do next?

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I always get to a very comfortable spot, oxygen, power, and water feel completely unlimited, CO2 being vented to slicksters, millions of food. Food ingredients storage is stocked so full I'm shoving more storage in random spots and not cooking because that's almost overflowing. Both geyser rooms and a very large pressure vent gas storage stocked full (which I hardly use any of because my steam turbine/refiner combo produces a large portion of my power).

I feel like now is the time I should be setting up my bristle or pepper/sleet farms, using hydrogen to super cool and create a revolving ventilation system for the base, and maybe starting to work on LOX system, aquatuners and thermoregs. The biggest problem I have atm is I am literally drowning in water and gasses. I have 2 large reservoirs for each clean and Ph2o, and they're blocking the vent at the top now.. I have random pools overflowing with P/h2o because I'm not sure where else to put it. I can't really pump anything anywhere because everything is so overpressurized. I'm about to dig out and dump an ocean of mixed waters from random pools into the bottom of the world and vent gases to space (but I'd rather use them instead).

I'm stuck in exactly the same spot I always get stuck in, so I start a new world. I want to get to the end this time, but I'm having a mental block in my usual spot and I'm not really sure what direction I'm supposed to be going from here, what my next goal should be, and the one after that.

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33 minutes ago, pancakemafia said:

I feel you bruh, have you launched the rocket yet? That's one direction you can go. 

Would you mind sharing the refinery/steam thingy? :D

That's the ultimate goal is rockets, but I feel I'm a very real ways off yet. I have many other systems I need to get going first.

I copied the build from this post. It's been running for probably the last 100 cycles flawlessly (turbine not 100%, but it's used as cooling). I did build mine in an abyssalite nook with a vacuumed double water seal to help keep the heat from spreading. It's been hanging in there around 150-200C in various spots.


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It might be an idea to start a dense puft farm, so that you have some stored oxylite once you get to use rocket engines. That way you could eliminate some oxygen/water out of your equation.

Just go out to space. There is plenty to do there. And you will be forced to tackle some of the stuff, you are currently mind-blocking yourself from.

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9 minutes ago, Neotuck said:

Mind if you share some pictures of your base or Sav. file?

Be easier to offer suggestions if I had those



Full world overview


Main base setup and water production


Power transformer location, refinery, nat gas geysers.


Oxygen production and the ever growing stock of hydrogen. (ignore forge, never built it and wanted to see what it had avail)


lower section. A farm I ignore, old oxygen production I haven't broken down yet (non-filtered spoms are the absolute worst btw..), water stocks, and a couple geysers I'm trying to figure out how I want to handle. Slicksters at the bottom.


I want to put water cooling and germy water in it's own section to the right of the base, and ultimately pincha farm there, but I need to get rid of the water so I can build there. I'm preserving the high wild pincha zone to the right of my base. I figured out how to make the vent into PH2O stock keep going, but I'm afraid if I put too much pressure in there it'll start bursting the tiles D: I want to do lox and using hydrogen in that little peek of ice biome you can see at the top. Not sure where I should be setting up oil yet, or wtf to do with that volcano next to my aetn.


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On 11/2/2018 at 4:53 PM, Krafkalasch said:

I just dump PO2 water in huge Peppernut or Reed farms.

And if you have to much coming in just let the Geysers go into overpressure and only take what u need?

I have, yeah. Most of the water in the storage tank is random water I've pumped from around pools in the world, and trying to squeeze that pool from the right of my base into it. Will it burst walls if overpressurized? It's currently built with double insulated igneous.

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