New character: Lady Bruscilla, The Chef!

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So I have an idea for a new character called Lady Bruscilla, The Chef!It's based on Mrs. Lovett from "Sweeney Todd" :)Her perk could be 2x more food made from cooking.I made a little artwork


@EditAs the characters names have to start with W, She could be Wanessa :D

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Only half as much food and health replenished from raw food? Honey, or even cooked meat (she can't stand such unused ingredients.)

looks reasonable from where I'm standing. So only croak pot food gives proper output. And maybe ban usage of monster meat alltogether for this character. She can't stand lower quality meat.
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I see you moved out of WOOOSH! Town.

- - - Updated - - -


Some bar of Soap ( [MENTION=6809]BarovSoap[/MENTION] ) said i'm a pudding pops.

So.. now i live in a fridge? What fridge? You'll never know...

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So.... I'm kinda seeing it like this.

Advantages: 2x Food from Crockpot and Extra food bonus

Disadvantage: Half food and health from raw foods and Gets double Health Penalty and only A quarter of the food bonus from Monster Meat

sounds good. Add some Hell's kitchen-style agression and we're in business.
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