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Sporadic Doodles

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Hey guys! I don’t draw enough Don’t Starve fanart but when I do, I wanna share them with the community!


I play a lot as Webber, especially when in my early days. Here are some doodles I did back then.



I really hope I havent posted this before here, seeing that my memories are poor atm. Oh welp!


Here’s a more recent webber doodles. Unfortunately, I kinda human-fied them and drew them in their rebel phase.


Webber is so dang cute! Thank you Klei for blessing us with this spooder child!


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On 10/31/2018 at 5:43 AM, TripTripleTimes said:
  1. tumblr_oum8wjiVyo1sgkv3wo2_1280.png
  2. tumblr_phgiexJiKe1sgkv3wo1_500.jpg
  1. Breezy? What's breezy?
    Why is Webber running?:wilson_ecstatic:
  2. Webber is trying to be so tough with his safety pins. I guess he had no time to sew buttons in with his beard silk.
16 hours ago, TripTripleTimes said:


I bet if he said this with his trumpet voice, it'd sound adorable. Maybe this is his reaction to making a science machine?

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