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Chemical plant - mid tier refinement

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Currently we got early game refinement with the rock crusher and late game with the molecular forge. We lack something in between. Something that could use up the uneless abyssalite we get in the mid game, provide some more insulation recipies outside ceramics, give us some cool recipies to use.

Possible recipies would be:
Extracting wolframite from abyssalite, producing some sand or sedimentary rock as a byproduct.
Extracting lime from sedimentary rock, with sand as a byproduct.
Some useful applications of balm lilly flowers and reed fiber, maybe into a construction material with nice insulating properties.
Modifying plastic for better properties (higher melting point, lower/higer thermal conductivity) maybe using chlorine.

I was thinking of the station using sulfur but that would require it to be easier to get. Maybe a recipe to extract it from something (slime, fertilizer?).

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