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There are many ways to improve the idea, the biggest being room extensions. Others would be: 
- A working version of the big fridge for keeping food fresh. Crafted with gears and iron, maybe? 
- Some form of fitted fireplace / stove for easy cooking without causing clunky interior. 
- A wardrobe for holding many clothing items. 
- Beds to sleep in for sanity {and maybe health} regen. 
- Seats to sit in for lesser regen but without as much hunger cost. 
- More character-fitting and/or themed decorations, possibly with examination quotes. {Web Hammock, Chester Painting, Glommer Pillow, Koalefant Plushie, Moon Lamp, Mounted Deerclops Head, Bearger Rug, Wilson's Chair, Singed Ottoman, Bookshelf, etc.}


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5 hours ago, JosePapp said:

Furniture with buffs and no durability would harm the balance. But I'd like more cosmetic items 

Well then maybe little to no buff or a need to repair. Fridge and stove are the ones I'd want, not many ever use beds in DS anyways. 
Cosmetic items definitely. 

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