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Humongous and Productive critters!

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Instead of 4 hatches, we should have one big hatch at size 2x2 tiles, consumes and produces as much as 4 hatches (including grooming time, because they are larger), but in game, only cost 1/4 walking calculation performance.

Dreko will grow longer, like snake, because of how he travel, the rest of critters grow larger in 2x2 size.



There should be 2 type of groom:one is  Reproduction , increase egg produced by 300%, while the other type, Productive, increase material consumed and generated by 100%, also increase chance of producing humongous eggs (the chance got reset when a critter lay the large eggs, so you cant produce multiple large eggs with one small critter). 

Instead of hoarding 100 critters, now you only need 14 critters with 4x size (because of 2D world, 3D would be 8x, but it would be too much) and 2x production, which will save your performance a lot.

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