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Thermite - Fire ?

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Have not played for two months, so Im excited to see the material Thermite in the game. Not sure if I overlooked it in the past...

Maybe we will get fire/combustion in 2019 Q1 and perhaps radioactivity in Q3 ? :p

Would you enjoy playing and fighting with fire, intentional or by accident ?

The long awaited Doctor job and Firefighters would be awesome too - Yes, I know Im hoping perhaps for too much hihihihi.


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I know the chemical composition of thermite, and some rough knowledge of its capabilities, but I don't know enough about thermite to have any ideas about what it could be useful for in ONI.

Is thermite used industrially, or in some manufacturing processes?

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Im a noob on Thermite - I know it casual from safe cracker movies, Mythbusters, the Payday game and crazy guys like ColinFurze playing around with it. Its seems its also used for rail welding and such:



...Im playing the game in debug, one can build Thermite pipes and whatnot in ONI out of it. So if there is fire someday in the game, players could build a fuse strip by laying down a pipeline of Thermite. Or perhaps use it for rapid steel melting or extremely fast water heating ? Or to put the base fastly in flames or instantly melt an ice biome :D

Its a bit irritating that there is several conspiracy clips on the first page of youtube results on the search term, I guess thats the freedom of speech.

Anyways, lets stick to science and ONI.

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The developers have claimed they're done adding new systems - which combustion would certainly be - to the game and they're going to shift to polish to get ONI ready for full release.  At best, something like combustion is going to be a post-launch patch or paid DLC.

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Not sure, maybe it was just to take the pressure from devs. Calling it "Release" would surely make the game get more attraction on Steam again + then perhaps a DLC someday, so 2 Steam attraction/sales events in the future.

If I where the studio boss I would call it "Release" if the Steam sales numbers are constantly decreasing over the past time frame of 1 year. I wish the game gets all the attention it can have, its such a great production. I hope it lives on long with some kind of development, similar to the Factorio game.

Update: Yeah, its a more or less long term bottom of probably mostly already-owners playing since a while now.

I guess you are right. It would truly help the game if it gets an attention boost and a lot of new purchases on Steam.

Steam player stats on the game:


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