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Just starting out...help?

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I am just starting out in the game, I found it through a LP of it on youtube and the art alone made me want to play it, so I've bought it and given the spare code to my friend.

I dont really know what to do, how to get started. I know how to make traps and tools and fire. I've been running from spiders, and I found a weird bird thing....I ran from that too...

Any suggestions on how to get the hang of this game? Or any links to good walkthroughs of the beginning to get the hang of things?

Also I am curious how I begin unlocking the characters? Do I complete the first story then move on?

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Once you die you get all the experience from the life you lived. This then adds and unlocks characters.

The best way to get the hang of the game is just to keep playing.

Exploring. Testing new things out. Trying to poke this. Kill that. Research things using your science machine. Take a look at the Lore Threads or peoples Journals to see what they did in their early days.

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The character are unlocked from XP. You get an amount of XP when you die, the amount depending on how long you survived.

As of how to get started. Just collect thing to survive. Food, grass, twigs, flint. Then make tool to make things easier. Start a small camp with fire pit and some good food sources nearby. Then explore from there and just try to survive for as long as possible.

Right now there arent any chapters or any set goal of the game. You just play, and survive :)

And just read around in the forums to find out about details to the game. Two lets plays I watch are


Check them out to get a better idea of the game. :)

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