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Roasted berries are too good

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Alright, I'm only at my current record of 26 days right now, so maybe I'm about to put my foot in my mouth, but here goes:

I think roasted berries are way too good. My main strategy is to dig up as many berry bushes as possible and plant them all at my base, which also has chests and a fire pit. By merely picking berries every day and cooking them on the fire pit at night, I can easily satiate myself and am in fact producing roasted berries at a faster rate than I'm consuming them. I have two chests filled with them at this point. I've been farming and exploring because just doing this is boring, but I feel like I could survive forever with this strategy, which is obviously bad because it reduces the game to tedium.

Do berry bushes die out over time? If so, I guess it's balanced out after all, though I still think they restore a bit too much hunger and health. If not, I think that roasted berries should be only marginally better than normal ones.

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