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Wes Buff Suggestion

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Like I said in the title this is just a Suggestion.


What about giving Wes a Sneak ability.

Allowing him to walk close to spider dens without waking them.Allowing him to steal an Egg from a Tallbird without it noticing till later on

 Another thing he should have is the Ability to create a balloon of himself, This balloon will work as a decoy . 

Upon Hitting a Bee/Bee nest the Horde of bee's will attack the closest balloon than go back to sleep giving him time to Kill the bee or Break the nest.

The same for a Spiders Den, He'd be able to sneak up to one and hit it to draw them out . they'd be lured away by the Balloon "As Long as He's Sneaking". Giving him time to break the Den while their going for the Balloon, Maybe have it slowly move once its about to be attack?.

He could even get some craftable Balloons. Water Balloons used to cool Teammates off/Put Fires out . A balloon full of sleeping gas. A Honey filled Balloon. A Static Balloon that slowly pulls fur covered animals to it "Meaning Rabits" would be hilarious. 

Something too steal honey while the bee's are lured away would also be nice... and if the balloon could work on things other than bee's and spiders he'd have the ability to hit a single Mob that attracts others have them all go for the balloon and ignore him and the Mob, allowing him to pick off 1 Mob at a time without getting ganged.

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17 hours ago, verm1ll1on said:

I really like the idea of a character based on "stealth", but not for Wes. The whole point of Wes is that he is supposed to make the game harder for those who enjoy the challenges of a "hard mode". Making him useful would ruin that and the jokes as well

This was fine for DS but the meaning was kinda lost in DST. No one wants to be at an obvious disadvantage to everyone else and no one wants to babysit someone with an obvious disadvantage to themselves. The only practical use for Wes is memeing.

I'd love a change to make him at least slightly more useful, but with Klei's demeanor of "we're listening" but never delivering, I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon.

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Personally, Wes in my opinion is mostly perfect the way he is. The only "buff" I want to see would be giving him a much harsher version of Wolfgang's "scared of the darkness and monsters" perk. Although If we're talking buffing the pile o' balloons I guess I'd love to see some more "situationally" useful stuff done with that, like being able to randomly blow up balloon swords or balloon armor very rarely. Obviously the sword or armor wouldn't be very good, but at least it be something kinda cool as an easter egg of sorts.

Also sneaking doesn't really come off to me as Wes's style, though I guess he was pretty dang sneaky in the Valentine's Day comic, so I don't know maybe I'm wrong. Only Klei really knows right?

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As others have already said, Wes exists to be "Hard mode" for people who want an additional challenge, buffing him would defeat this purpose.

On 9/30/2018 at 2:25 PM, Naveil said:

I'd love a change to make him at least slightly more useful, but with Klei's demeanor of "we're listening" but never delivering, I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon.

People need to stop saying this because every single random idea they have isn't implemented, Klei has been updating Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together closely in tune with player feedback since 2013. Heck, DST's entire existence is attributed to this. (Originally, their stance was that Multiplayer was something people should stop suggesting, as they were focused on creating a solid singleplayer experience above all else. Look how much has changed since then.) Changing the game takes time, money, and effort, and a result, they can't make major changes to the game at one person's whim like this, and it's ridiculous to expect them to.

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