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  1. Sorry, first time seeing these points. How do I use them?
  2. So there was I strolling through the Marsh with low health and sanity. Needless to say, I was murdered. While ghosting my way to the nearest Touch Stone, I had to log out and in to reset my countdown. I revived and went back to the Marsh to get my stuff back, but, to my surprise, my bag and some of the stuff (grass, twigs, rocks) that wasn't even in the bag had disappeared. First time this's ever happened to me.
  3. Hey, thanks for the comment! I mostly just (used to) mess with brushes to create random texture effects and just went on with something I thought looked okay. I used other pieces as reference for the shading, but thank you for noticing!
  4. What was the problem with the second one?
  5. Draw this like 2 years ago for a skin a really wanted. Not sure if this is the right place to post it (didn't quite get the weekly art stream, but I think that post is supposed to have art related to Klei's weekly stream, so I think this doesn't fit). I had forgotten I had ever done this and just stumbled upon it while checking some old folders. Hope someone enjoys it as much as I did when I found it.
  6. I got Frayed Finery twice. Recently I bought Wilson's The Survivor skin and guess what I dropped last week...
  7. Geez, I don't know! I have this theory that people actually like the features announced and thus get excited to see them implemented. Insane, I know, but who knows
  8. what an endeering update. Maybe soon I'll have a reason to not abandon pets anymore. yay
  9. Can anyone show me how the Booties and Steel-Toed Boots look like in game? (Scribble Black and Insufficient Chocolate Brown)
  10. 68? ain't nobody got time fo that. But seriously, does anyone even bother to domesticate them? Saddles seem a bit to expensive to create and the benefits of riding beefalos does not seem worth the trouble
  11. Oh, nice, dude! I too am a huge fan of DS's art style. It even was a big influence in the art style of one of games I developed in college. Been a couple of years since I really tried to draw anything (I'm a programmer, actually lol) and now I'm trying to make myself in DS's art style. Here's what I got so far. LOTS of things to improve, but I'm having fun trying this.