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Various skins and emotes disappeared from my inventory?

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2 minutes ago, ToastyStoat said:

I purchased a couple thousand a few items from the steam market and suddenly 90% of my emotes and a few of my skins have vanished from my steam DST inventory.

Is this a temporary "update wonked everything up" situation, or is this permanent?



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9 hours ago, ToastyStoat said:

What information would be needed? I can post my steam ID if that helps.

We have known issues around very, very large inventories (many thousands). The fixes for them are pretty invasive and the bugs don't pop up very often so (few people get that many skins) we haven't done anything yet. If you sell or unravel some of your excess items it's very likely your inventory will return to normal. If not of course we would look into that right away!

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