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  1. I think a "transmogrifier" structure which lets you apply skins to existing items would be pretty sweet. That would make it possible to have skins for uncraftable items such as the krampus sack or tam!
  2. How old is Wendy?

    Is klei giving us hints?
  3. Some emotes have randomized animations, I think it would be nice if there was an option to add a number to the end of a command to force a specific animation. /sit1 /sit2 /wave1 /wave2 /wave3 you get the idea.
  4. Screen flashes from Explosions and Lightning make you close Chests, Iceboxes, Crockpots, etc. This is caused by the split-second complete darkness from screen flashes, It won't happen if you're standing near a light source. During Spring (and Hurricane Season in SW), it can be so frustrating that one would want to pull their hair out.
  5. If something has no good reason to block you from placing a structure, I don't think it should block you from doing so. For example, Abigail used to block placement in dst, and it made building as Wendy infuriating. (thanks for fixing that!) Let's do that, but with a bunch of other things that get in the way and have no reason to block you. *Mobs which don't collide with structures: (Butterflies, Birds, Bees, Tentacles, Glommer, etc.) *Followers: (Chester, Hutch, Mandrakes, Domesticated Beefalo(?) etc.) *Items on the ground: (Seeds, Flint, Rot, etc.) those don't have any business blocking you either. While on the topic of improving building, I'd also like to address this: You can place Ice Boxes right next to Crock Pots, but you can't place Crock Pots the same distance from Ice Boxes. There's a similar issue with Chests and Alchemy Engines/Shadow Manipulators. or any two structures with conflicting placement mechanics. Ehh, you get the picture, here's a video of it:
  6. How old is Wendy?

    According to the William Carter puzzles (if she's one of the mentioned twins), Wendy was alive at some point during 1902-1904, And if we're currently at 1921+ in the story, that puts her at a minimum of 17+. But there's still a lot of things we don't know: like when Wendy was pulled into "The Constant", or how time works in that dimension, so it's still up for debate. I kinda wish klei would spill the beans about this type of thing, knowing the ages of the characters doesn't reveal too much lore.
  7. Who are the highest levels in the forge?

    you sure about that?
  8. Show XP gain on bar?

    I think it would be nice if the amount of XP you got during a match was highlighted on your xp bar. Example here:
  9. It would make a lot of sense to have this in the base game, Many players avoid modded servers, so those players would be doomed to have their stolen goods lost forever.
  10. Inefficient Advice

    Tired of farming so slowly? Teleport yourself with a few telelocator staffs to make it rain! Need your sanity back after that? No problem: Just cook some taffy using only honeycomb! Low on health from consuming all of that taffy? Heal up with Dragonfruit Seeds! (0.5hp per)
  11. Spoiler