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Dupes disappear?

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This has been happening since I started launching rockets.  I freaked out when I sent a rocket out and the pilot left my dupe count.   But this is different.  I have two astronauts.  The pilot of the rocket is gone from the count but my second astronaut is also MIA.  I had 16 dupes, launched a rocket to get to 15 dupes, then blink, I have 14.  No dead dupe message.  I have an empty grave that is not being filled up.  I am not doing any building or digging that would account for a trapped dead dupe.   It is just, gone.  Don't see this in a bug report that I can find.  Before I submit a known issues, am I missing this having been reported?   Not sure if the bed in the base assigned to "stored minion" is the pilot or the missing dupe.  

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yes, I witnessed mysterious disappearances of 3 of my 30 dupes today. I was at 28 once and was shocked, I loaded the session up a little later and I was at 27, no alarms no death notifications. I dug up all the regolith and placed graves in hopes to recover the missing bodies, but no such luck.

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