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  1. I think abyssalite should cause mesothelioma in dupes. And every day between 10AM-4PM, the dupes should be pestered by constant ads to join a class action lawsuit with the law firm of Hammer and Messerschmidt
  2. The sad thing is I haven't been able to play much in a month. I have a four day weekend and bam. I technically could play the non beta branch, but I wouldn't do that. So instead, I am chilling out, drinking beer, listening to Coltrane and watching email for notification on the update folder...
  3. I actually built recently an ice fan and one of those air chillers that I can't name because it is the first time I have used it since it came out. I would suspect that this is the intention of the changes, to make us use the other tools instead of spamming WW. I need to pull up my first rocketry base where I cooled an iron, gold and copper volcano, on the same map with nothing but, what must have been, a 150-200 WW. I don't like the idea of not being able to build a sealed room with hydrogen and WW to cool items. It was easier to do that than to think about my cooling. At the risk of being branded a "winner", which I most assuredly am not, I think these seismic changes are good because they make me think. I would not still be playing this game that I started with the outbreak release if the game play had not evolved.
  4. Thanks. i read about the crashes in the bug reports. Did not see notes about the bridge priorities. i figured someone else had seen it and reported it before me. But i thought I would throw it out there.
  5. i played all day yesterday. I tried to play today and the latest patch has been giving me the frequent panic crash without the crash screen. That is fairly frustrating, but you can usually cancel builds and sneak past the crashes. But they also changed bridge priorities for liquids and gases. If you have liquid pipes in series, they no longer work. That is if you have one pipe that enters, for example, an electrolyzer input from the left and the continue out the right side of the input to a second electrolyzer, only the first gets water. This used to be an issue with the irrigated farm tiles, but those seem to work in series still. You can see where i used bridges at the top of the screen shot to jump to the last outlet and fill the tanks in reverse order from my original intention. The outlet oil path shows the oil stuck because there are three outlets a row. I have been using this method of hitting a main pipe with a bridge to force priority for a long time. With the crashes, i have to wonder if I need to go fix all these bridge issues or if I should just wait. Is this new functionality or a secondary bug?
  6. An intelligent woman who could love me in spite of my mental illness. If you find one, let me know...
  7. Empty Job Schedules disappear after save and load

    I did edit them to make the schedules cascade downtime and then saved them
  8. Dupe will not eat

    I have a dupe in the attached that will not eat available high value foods. I have the Nisbet dupe set to only consume high tier food. I have over 200k available. I can move her, manually to the food and to the great hall, but she won't eat. If I open all available consumables to her, she will eat Muckroot. The same thing happened to Mi Ma. I did watch and see one other dupe pick up and consume BBQ. Save file is attached. Comet.sav
  9. I created three job schedules for my dupes at the start of the game to accommodate my end game dupe load. I saved and quit the game, when I restarted the game, the schedule I had created (schedule 2) was gone. I didn't think anything about it until I recreated it this morning. Again, I shut down the game and restarted this afternoon. The empty schedule is gone again.
  10. [Game Update] - 300458

    I am assuming nobody else saw the game performance drop off a cliff today? It was running OK yesterday. Now it is like I am running a cycle 1000 game in the test branch
  11. [Game Update] - 283571

    People use liquid cooled fans? I have not ever seen anyone in the forums who has said they are worth anything. I tried them before they changed the temp range on bristle berries. Did not have success. That has been a few releases and I have never thought of building them since.
  12. I like the look when she sees the vastness of space.
  13. [Game Update] - 271051

    This is why there are betas. Thanx for the updates Cheerio. I will watch for the patches next week. Let us know if you need anything else.
  14. I don't know. The Mac version is not working, so I can't test. It may be you don't spawn meteors until you break the surface the first time. Or it may be when you see the surface.
  15. [Game Update] - 270894

    No update for the Mac display issue in this fix. To be fair, they asked for my log file about an hour ago, so I am not surprised that they are still working on that issue.