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Pressure issue

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Can someone explain to me what happening over here:

Red tiles are Hydrogen at about 500g 
Purple ones are Oxygen at abotu 400g

Why the blueish 2678g tile isn't defusing? and as a result causing the electrolizer to over-pressurize and lock the whole system 

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16 minutes ago, Cipupec2 said:

On screen it says, development build RU-285039, is that it?

That's quite an "old" version. Not 100% sure but I think that was the official RU launch version that was riddled with bugs. Most prominently they forgot to turn on the gas simulation at all so if you started a new game dupes would die after about 1½-2 minutes on regular speed as all the oxygen in the starting area was used up (due to gas simulation being turned of the oxylite didn't sublimate). Current version is RU-285480.

I should note that versions may be different if you're playing osx/linux versions. I play the windows version so I wouldn't know about that.

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6 minutes ago, Cipupec2 said:

Its just week old, and the update in the middle had only translation stuff in the changelog.. Anyway I figured out what was the problem, a little bit of water on that tile.. 

That's why I always use mesh tiles unless it absolutely have to be an air tiles because it's nearly impossible to see small amounts of water on air flow tiles. 

Although do note that even though the changelog only notes translation stuff I'm pretty sure that was the update that introduced the current aquatuner bug.

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