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Pufts dying

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My Puft farm has no shortage of PO2, at 20kg, I can't give them any more food, yet my tamed pufts are dying.  I have a Grooming station, but my Rancher is probably too busy to look after the Puft, so He's glum, however, should this really cause the tamed pufts to die out completely?

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im pretty sure the stable and the stable's 96 room size limit does nothing as far as bonus goes.

You're better off creating a 'water lock' that opens the room to a great space thus reduce the crowded debuff. 

Glum is just a debuff associated to being not groomed usually.   Expecting debuff can be avoided by moving eggs into an isolated room - a simple prismatic door in the open state works. dropping egg into the door basically seals it off from the rest of the 'room.

The only ting that causes your guys from dying off completely is the 'expecting' debuff that pauses them from increasing reproduction %.
Glum just puts the % at 2 per cycle.   so your guys should be able to replace themselves. given their age is way beyond 50.

Expecting debuff changes reproduction to 0% so it can in theory cause most of your guys from reproducing.  this happened to mewhen I accidently sealed off some room.

1 hour ago, Craigjw said:

Hmm, they do say that two's company, One's a crowd....

The population has never gotten above 6 pufts.


could be you had 2 eggs on the ground or 1 egg. and the expecting debuff kicked in on all the pufts.   so depending on the age of all the other pufts, once the debuff went away they aren't going to increase their 2% reproduction fast enough to reach 100%  so they just all die at the same time.

Here's an example of how you could end up killing off your population:

(This all is based on the room size)
Let's say you have a small room.
You have 6 pufts.
1 laid and egg, and then suddenly they're all getting the expecting debuff (its because of the egg).
If you remove the egg into another room, the expecting debuff goes away.

So let's say 5 of the buffs were at age 40/75.  reproduction at 60%    at 2% normally  they can replace themselves roughly in 20 cycles at 2%. reaching 100%.   1 just laid an egg with age at 50/75  and his reproduction is reset to 0%.

BUT because of the egg the growth halts no increase per cycle on ALL 6.  When the 6th one dies in 25 more cycles. reaching 75/75.
The growth on the other 5 continues.  BUT   they'll all be at 65/75.  at 60%.  with only 10 cycles left before they die.  10 cycles x 2% =20% added to 60% which is short of 100% of laying a replacement egg.  thus 5 of your guys will be dead. with no replacement. 

So here's my Puft Morph farm setup where I avoid the expecting debuff, and over crowded debuff.

Groom Station continues to work actually, so if you feel like increasing egg production, they only have to make any one of those pufts happy. doesn't matter which.

The system just moves prince puft up. and puflet bottom and dense puft to the very top level. oxylite drops to the bottom. there's an arm that collects stuff to drop to the bottom as well.

The farm left arm in red drops them into the cage so the eggs are separated to remove the expecting debuff.

I currently don't have the slimes being enabled to loader. that's why u see the loader not having anything set in the bottom corner for slime.  because the slime generates more PO2. and allows me to load the lure. whenever I want a slime I can enable the loader choice. or have it set to sweep only and sweep the slime as I feel like it.  I put my prince puft above the puflet because the prince guys really have a bad PO2 to slime ratio it doesn't matter. they can just reproduce a replacement egg and im okay with that. if they get some PO2 cool no big deal. because of the water lock it protects the PO2 from escaping as well as make sure the puft don't either.   but because its not doored off,  its not a room so they aren't ever overcrowded.  Thus allows you to make any one of the pufts happy and their breeding increases.


the reason for  having the lure is to make sure they don't hang out in the cage after they hatch.


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