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Naming Generators/Batteries

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I'd personally love to be able to name generators and batteries so that I can at a glance know what this and that generator/battery is for.
The name would show up on the power overlay.
Indeed this is partially due to me being forgetful, and terrible at wire management so it becomes a huge mess after a while. :p

Could even make it possible to name everything like this.
Automation, Gas/Water Pumps and so on.
These are not as bad as power management is though lol.

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5 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

We want signs for a long time now. Not only for batteries and such, but free placable signs.

If you named batteries and generators then name could propagate across the circuit they're connected to, so you could hover over a wire to see the name(s) of what it's connected to, or see those names in the Power tab when you click on a building.  And even if you reduced it to signs, it would be nice to have signs which only show up when a particular overlay is active.

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