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  1. The info for bluff briars says that it can grow at temps of 10° C to 30° C, but I have a game where it's growth is halted at body temp of 29.5° C. Cesspool.sav
  2. When examining the 231g of bristleberry in the foodbox and when mousing over its icon in the consumables sub-window the game claims that it's worth 341 kcal. However, the colony overview info in the top-left corner of the game window correctly notes that I don't have this ludicrous amount of kcal. Cesspool.sav
  3. Narrowed it down: this happens when a line in errands says "Life support supply to [building]" or "Operations supply to [building]". In either case line-wrap causes "[building]" to appear on the next row down, overlapping the name of the errand for that row. So it would seem that the issue is that the errand name column isn't wide enough to fit the entirety of the "[blah] supply to [blah]" text.
  4. It's still working after a reboot, so whatever change was made wasn't in /tmp, /run or /dev/shm, as those are all of type tmpfs.
  5. When viewing the errands section of the daily report, there's overlapping text: When the cursor hovers over the garbled text is clears to "Store Algae", but goes back to garbled as soon as the cursor goes away. Attached are the list of available fonts as listed by fc-list, and my system's fontconfig default configuration files. font-list.txt etc-fonts.tar.bz2
  6. Well now, this is odd. I tried starting the game without Steam via running the binary OxygenNotIncluded from the command line. It opened up an ONI window, launched Steam, opened up a second ONI window, and the game actually worked in the second window. I quit from everything, restarted the Steam client, used that to launch ONI, and now it works fine. I've since been unable to duplicate the bug, not matter what I do to the files in $HOME/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen Not Included. Oh well, at least now if someone else runs into this bug there'll be a known solution.
  7. When launching from Steam the game gets to the Klei logo, stays there for over a minute, and then crashes. I have changed to the audio logging beta branch, changed back to the live branch, completely uninstalled and reinstalled, all to no avail. Renaming kplayerprefs.yaml makes no difference. Renaming the prefs file (Unity prefs) results in the game showing all white with no logo (except for the audio logging branch, where its removal makes no difference). Also, the game doesn't respond to the Steam client "stop" button.
  8. To be precise, they'll only fall through open horizontal doors if they're already falling; if they are standing on a closed door which then opens they'll just float there.
  9. The "errands" tab of the bio printer doesn't display any errands unless there's a duplicant who's going to go toggle it. On the other hand, a rations box will display the "store" errand even if there aren't any storage tasks directed at it.
  10. The tooltip for a duplicant's stress is currently empty.
  11. The tutorials show up in the database if you search for "tutorial", but the top level index doesn't have a "tutorial" entry.
  12. To go down a level in the database you have to click on the text under the image. Clicking on the image itself does nothing.
  13. 1) The description mentions algae terrariums but doesn't mention oxygen diffusers. 2) The description says that algae terrariums grow algae when they actually consume algae.
  14. The description for the algae terrarium says that its effect for CO2 is 333.33 mg/s, when it should be -333.33 mg/s
  15. The "duplicant" trait says that the temperature preference is -273.2°C.
  16. Odd, for me it only happens for the colony name, everything else works as expected.
  17. If you click the pencil icon next to a schedule name to edit it, then while the name is still editable you close the entire schedule editor panel, then the name for that schedule becomes uneditable until the game is reloaded.
  18. When editing the colony name just before embarking, if I press a modifier key like Shift then a letter is added to the colony name field. This only applies to the colony name field, as the pre-embark dupe names, post-embark dupe names and schedule names aren't affect.
  19. A sleeping dupe will not wake up if they start suffocating.
  20. If a dupe gets a full bladder while sleeping they'll continue to sleep, and their bladder will just stay at 100% with nothing happening. If a dupe's bladder fills up while sleeping the full bladder stress debuff won't apply until they wake up. A dupe will go to sleep with a full bladder if that's what their schedule is set to.
  21. The tooltips for the type-buttons ("sleep", "work", etc) all say "Options" rather than giving any relevant info.
  22. The options button (gear) in the upper right-hand corner does nothing when clicked. It doesn't even make a noise.
  23. The water cooler currently holds 200 kg of water. Each kg of water is one liter, meaning a water cooler holds 200 liters. The standard real-world office water cooler holds 5 gallons, which is about 19 liters. A ONI water cooler holds 52.8 gallons of water.