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Gassy Moo reproduction

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It has been said on one of the recent art streams that gassy moos reproduction is currently being postponed because of other content that has higher priority.

The reason is that the current critter reproduction needs alot of new art (egg + baby critter) that basically doubles the amount of work ("it's like creating a whole new critter").

I would like to use the time to come up with some nice alternatives to the current reproduction, that fits well with gassy moos, but has some advantages in comparison to the critter -> egg -> baby -> critter cycle. The advantages could be skipping a step saving extra work on the feature or simply adding a new unique interaction to the game.

Maybe some nice ideas can surface that will allow klei to create something new (not necessarily related to gassy moos).

All ideas require a gassy moo with a reproduction value of 100%.



Moo will blow up a new gassy moo like a balloon or gum. The new moo doesnt necessarily need to be a baby moo.



Moo will split into two. It even rhymes!



Moo will pop and two moos will emerge.



Moo emits a huge cloud of gas, which forms another Moo.



With reproduction, Moos would also need another way to part from their plane of existence. So feel free to post suggestions of how to balance the population.

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Nice ideas there. I kinda feel like the moo needs a different reproduction mechanic than other critters. I was thinking of it requring more than one moo to reproduce or maybe the baby moo not being able to fly and just walk around and munch on the grass.

Maybe if there are 2 or more moos they would enter a mating season after a while and then after a few cycles two of them would make a new one (animationwise i`m thinking they would kiss and a new small moo would appear between their mouths). This season would happen more often if they are tame and would end with no extra moos if they are expecting.
The small moo could be just a smaller version of the adult one and grow (inflate) over time until it reaches maturity.

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Your suggestion sounds great as well (especially since some of the moo concepts looked promising enough to support different moo roles). But the problem is that it also involves increased work load. :/

If the moos go for the egg-hatch path, then maybe they should be using something else than an egg. For example a larva or puppet.




Moo will emit bubbles floating up. The bubbles will merge to bigger bubbles until a new Moo forms.



Moo sheds off his skin, which persists as a separate Moo.


Moo Moon Mooing

Moo starts to sing, roar, howl to the Moooon. The next comet season has a chance of containing Mooteors (Meteors with Moos inside).



Moo simply can't change.


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2 hours ago, blash365 said:

But the problem is that it also involves increased work load. :/

I was actually thinking about all the moos looking the same to simplify things. You`d just need 2. There wouldn`t be any differences between them.

Another idea would be the moo putting down a larva on the grass. The larva would grow on the grass until maturity and other moos wouldn`t eat that grass patch.

2 hours ago, blash365 said:

Mooteors (Meteors with Moos inside).

This made my day :D .

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