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NG vent doesn't necessarily appear anymore?

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I have this worst map seed ever after Rocketry upgrade.

Map seed - 1821044456


Maybe the lowest quantity of water at starting point I've ever gotten. (around 102000kg, 102 tiles)

2 cool steam vent

3 oil reservoir

4 chlorine gas vent (3 buried, 1 exposed)

1 carbondioxide vent

1 iron volcano

1 gold volcano

1 volcano


Is it bugged or NG vent is not in the list anymore?

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Just loaded the seed.  The Caustic 50/50 went to Chlorine, so no luck there -- you can find it at the bottom right, breaching the Abyssalite into the Oil Biome.  But there should still be a Swamp NatGas that is exposed.  Strangely, I not only do not see the NatGas Vent anywhere, I see no sign of the template it spawns in, either.  The vent itself should be in a chamber only slightly larger than itself, with a thin wall to the right into another small chamber.


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