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  1. Repaired Bunker door does not prevent sun light nor meteor. From screenshot, ladders that need to be repaired was damaged by meteor strike.
  2. 1 hatchling egg and 1 stone hatchling has been glitched. Dupes go to pick up the eggs then they somewhat stop
  3. plus sometimes multiple dupes use same refinery at the same time.
  4. already tried also deconstruct / reconstruct progress but nothing changed.
  5. Dunno exact reason. Maybe AETN is a problem? Gas pump doesn't work while thermo sensor has been activated.
  6. Can't see dig icon on abyssalite tile after the update. Dupes still dig it though
  7. Dupes not using ore scrubber even it contains enough chlorine. Pipes are empty but ore scrubber itself has enough chlorine.
  8. Deconstructing mechanized airlock constantly crash the game
  9. It works properly for the first few hours but at some point the tooltip shows wrong information. Sometimes there's nothing or sometimes information of another Dupe like screenshots.
  10. as title says, there's no Thermo aquatuner icon in Research tree while I can still build it after complete all research.
  11. Dupes always sweep things even they aren't assigne to.