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[SCML] Spriter unclear behavior

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Greetings. I have noticed something strange when I was using .scml files. I wanted to understand how animations work in this game and how Spriter can do its magic, so I took mod from Steam workshop called Wog'Maw and I have understood that .zip file in anim folder does the trick with custom animation. It was called player_attacks so I coppied it to other mod directory to test it on something else and after replacing character textures I saw pretty clumsy animation in game. Let's call this "case 3". Then in "case 2" I wanted to make my own animation starting just with my character's textures and Spriter, I copied everything and after compiling animation I saw this horror in game -> video 2. I didn't give up and I have used custom player animation template by PanAzej.

You can guess that I failed once more and animations were visible in game (I don't know how, indeed) but something caused layers overlap and dislocation of animation's components -> video 1. Maybe somebody here on this forum knows why .scml file without any code works completely fine but when I try to change it everything goes crazy. Ah, I nearly forgot. In case 3 character can change its facing direction according to enemy location and of course case 1 and 2 can't.


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