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  1. This is common issue. You have to delete something in the file called: names_yourname.xml. Use attached file and change names_yourname to whatever your character's name is. names_yourname.xml
  2. Info for perk #2 and perk #3. Some of first links when I wrote down description to the web browser. " 7/ GAIN HEALTH, SANITY, HUNGER ON KILLING " --> just add "-" before value This forum is quite old, so there is huge chance to find someone's topic that may describe your problem.
  3. UPDATE: I think that I have found solution for this problem. Bullets prefab lacked : inst.entity:AddNetwork() under local function fn(Sim). I haven't tested it yet, but I hope that will work. EDIT: Yep. I should educate myself. It works fine now.
  4. Hi everyone. I can't see ammo for ranged weapon on my friend's server (when it is mine server then everything is alright). Everything works nearly fine, but I can't see bullets in the equipment and they are blocking my slots as invisible entities. I don't know where the problem might be located so I uploaded whole mod folder in .zip form. Ammo name is m16blt, if this will help to find out the source of the problem. Thank you in advance for any clues.
  5. Could you expand meaning of each perk ? I don't know much about coding, but I will try to help you.
  6. Hi everyone, I have been working on project that includes weapon which makes enemies fall asleep after hit. I had searched through game files and I haven't found any code lines to make my effect based on luck. I mean that I don't want this effect to occur everytime character hits with the weapon. So maybe you know method to cause sleep on attack every few hits. This is the code: ------sleep local function sleepattack(inst, owner, target) if not target:IsValid() then --target killed or removed in combat damage phase return end target.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/blackpowder_explo") if target.components.sleeper ~= nil then target.components.sleeper:AddSleepiness(100, 15, inst) elseif target.components.grogginess ~= nil then target.components.grogginess:AddGrogginess(100, 15) end end Thanks in advance and have a great day/night
  7. Whoa. I didn't expect such fast response. Thank you very kindly.
  8. [Tutorial] Custom character voice and items

    Nice tutorial but I screwed up something. Maybe my sound files are good but I can't call them in game. I did something like this: Asset( "SOUND", "sound/mosinfire.fsb" ), Asset( "SOUND", "sound/mosinfire.fev" ), and inst:AddComponent("weapon") inst.components.weapon:SetOnProjectileLaunch(mosinfire) I wanted to create custom sound for ranged weapon.
  9. I have followed your tutorial but somehow my character is not able to transform. I have no error message, it just seems that I have made mistake that I don't see. I would really appreciate your help but I feel bad to bother you. Sorry and thank you in advance. Taern TEST.7z Taern TEST.rar