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  1. I don't exactly know what do you mean. Just rename it and set custom image. The itemname.lua contains unique abilities of item.
  2. -> scripts.zip Copy that and unpack somewhere. Then download any code editor, I recommend Notepad++ (it has very convenient search options). then search inside prefab (subfolder of "scripts") for walani.lua, wickerbottom.lua, willow.lua and so on. If you don't understand code or any basic principles of modding then search on this forum, there is actually plenty of. http://luatut.com/crash_course.html https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/47353-guide-getting-started-with-modding-dst-and-some-general-tips-for-ds-as-well/ By the way, you can be a bit grateful for @penguin0616 's time. Being little "poop.lua" ain't gonna be useful with getting help from anyone.
  3. TEX Creator converts .png into .tex. I always copy .xml file and rename it. As you can see I manually set the filename and element name. I think autocompiler does this stuff for you, but I prefer to be extra sure. <Atlas><Texture filename="craftingtabicon.tex" /><Elements><Element name="craftingtabicon.tex" u1="0.00390625" u2="0.99609375" v1="0.00390625" v2="0.99609375" /></Elements></Atlas> craftingtabicon.xmlcraftingtabicon.tex If I remember correctly the 128x128 format works without any bugs. My settings for TEX Creator: and TEX Tools download link itself: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/73-handsome-matts-tools/ Cheers! Now, excuse me but sleeping pills hit me like a mad beefalo, so it's time for me.
  4. By editing the .png itself. When you will try to resize the .scml inside of Spirter then it doesn't work.
  5. Just remove the character then. You will know what is not character by comparing this template with ESCTemplate.
  6. @Diamondexploder You can DM me your whole mod folder in .zip and I will take a look.
  7. It's fine. Mostly I don't know what I am doing, so every help is appreciated
  8. @red1500z Well you have skipped some steps/files thus it didn't work. red1500 v2.rar
  9. swap_bedroll_straw.rarswap_bedroll_furry.rarboomerang.rar It's .rar for upload sake. Just unpack it somewhere and your decompiled anims are ready to work on.
  10. Send me your folder. It's too much to write about. It will be better if I fix it and then you analize my changes.
  11. The "anchor" should act as a book. In my case it works fine. You can send me your mod folder in .zip and I will take a look.
  12. I don't play DST thus I haven't know that nightmarefuel has one recipe already. Basically you don't need to add and show direction of inventory image inside of modmain.lua anymore. I just modified few lines inside modmain. I would also reccomend to delete nightmarefuel.png etc. from inventoryimages folder in order to avoid errors.modmain.lua Cheers!
  13. Hi. I would appreciate some screenshots. My imagination is not powerful enough