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  1. @WesisBless I hope this will help you
  2. [Tutorial] Custom character voice and items

    Nice tutorial but I screwed up something. Maybe my sound files are good but I can't call them in game. I did something like this: Asset( "SOUND", "sound/mosinfire.fsb" ), Asset( "SOUND", "sound/mosinfire.fev" ), and inst:AddComponent("weapon") inst.components.weapon:SetOnProjectileLaunch(mosinfire) I wanted to create custom sound for ranged weapon.
  3. I have followed your tutorial but somehow my character is not able to transform. I have no error message, it just seems that I have made mistake that I don't see. I would really appreciate your help but I feel bad to bother you. Sorry and thank you in advance. Taern TEST.7z Taern TEST.rar