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  1. You need to check every .png file inside your character's exported folder and subfolders. The png file might be wrong format ex. 83x80x24 BPP instead of 80x80x24 BPP.
  2. Check if your Puffin_none.lua inside scripts->prefabs has something like this: local assets = { Asset( "ANIM", "anim/Puffin.zip" ), Asset( "ANIM", "anim/ghost_Puffin_build.zip" ), } if you have that, then I suggest to change every "Puffin" into "puffin". Cheers!
  3. Do you have something like this? local require = GLOBAL.require I bet you miss that in your mod, thus the problem.
  4. I will take a look at this tomorrow. In the meantime you can try understanding inventory items with this tutorial https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/115694-templatetutorial-custom-crafting-tab-and-items/
  5. Ok. It's ready but I have encountered problem so I had to turn off few lines of code. Kitsura.lua -> about 1280->1307 I added code and action listener in master_postinit. Few folders into exported you can change it to look like whatever you want, I just needed indicators so I have placed numers 2-4 on character's head. Moreover I touched assets: Summarizing I had modified kitsura.lua and exported folder. I think that's all I have changed. You can compare your old files and this edited one. Cheers! Kitsura.rar
  6. Ad. Health I have added health as the ingredient into Sealed Eye and it worked fine. CarlZalph was right. Ad. Appearance Mod->exported->kitsura Then you change .png files inside subfolders.
  7. @AkaiNight Could you upload your mod in .zip? I will take a closer look and try to help you. EDIT: Do you have something like this inside modmain?
  8. 1. I have redone 'exported' folder (because content of this folder is then compressed into .zip inside 'anim' folder [which usually contains anim.bin, build.bin and atlas-0.tex]) and changed the third line inside of catnip.lua just to be sure. This one: 2. Sometimes older mods act unpredictable. 3. Generally, autocompiler (the program from Steam->"Don't Starve Mod Tools") takes exported and packs it into anim, so everytime you run the game autocompiler will 'refresh' modified anim.zip into one that matches folder from 'exported'. 4. It's strange indeed, but I bet my limited knowledge might be confusing, so I won't develop this topic just not to fool around XD 5. Don't worry. I am trying to explain it at my best, but my english is quite...well you see.
  9. In order to implement item into character mod you need to create your own character with this tutorial. Then just copy and paste stand alone item mod and make little changes into modmain. My tutorial with template about custom items and tabs should be not that bad reference point. Unfortunately resolution is set for the image.
  10. It's done. You just need to adjust few lines in modmain, modinfo and knife.lua. knifey.rar
  11. Sure, you can send me your whole mod folder in .zip, I will take a look and fix it. Then by comparison you will see what went wrong.
  12. I have made tutorial with template about that topic, so feel free to take a look. Edit: One tricky part is creating functional .scml from Spriter, but Malacath explained this general principle in his amazing work. Keep in mind that you need to pick .scml format and name that file with .scml at the end ([your.name].scml) while saving Spriter project.