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  1. Howdy. Put this lil fella inside onequip, if that's what you mean with "when I use it". if TheWorld.state.isnight then TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_setmoonphase", {moonphase = "full"}) end Cheers! Edit: test it with console (default "~")
  2. This should help. If it will be too hard. You can DM me. Cheers!
  3. You can DM me your mod folder and I will implement it
  4. local function summerspeed(inst) if TheWorld.state.issummer then inst.components.locomotor:SetExternalSpeedMultiplier(inst, "CHARACTERNAME_speed_mod", 1.65) -- summer speed else inst.components.locomotor:SetExternalSpeedMultiplier(inst, "CHARACTERNAME_speed_mod", 1.25) --normal speed end end inst:DoPeriodicTask(60, summerspeed, nil, inst) I think it should still work. Run some tests and find out. I mean this: For increased speed during summer copy and paste stuff above inside "master_postinit" inside character.lua and change "CHARACTERNAME" to your character's name. That's all. Cheers!
  5. I have made some changes for stategraph in order to change animation for specific weapon. I have just added tag to the weapon and inside stategraph function looked for that tag. Take a look, I am terrible person to explain things. local function avtofir(sg) local _onenter = sg.states["attack"].onenter sg.states["attack"].onenter = function(inst) _onenter(inst) local equip = inst.components.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS) local cooldown = inst.components.combat.min_attack_period + 300 * FRAMES if equip ~= nil and equip:HasTag("sprayer") then inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("ngnt") end cooldown = math.max(cooldown, 300 * FRAMES) end end AddStategraphPostInit("wilson", avtofir) tag is called "sprayer". Cheers!
  6. @Earthyburt I am afraid that I can't do much about decompiling game anims. I just put stuff into ktools and that's the outcome. I had not found manual method to decomp existing anims yet and I dont have adequate knowledge to achieve it on my own.
  7. @Earthyburt Don't worry, you are not bothering me at all. Update is in the main thread - attachment section. It took me 3 hours and huge dose of sanity, but it's done. Well, fingers crossed. I think that all/most of bugs are gone. I have organized all the stuff inside .lua files, coz previous version was pretty messy. If you find any bugs, let me know. I am here to help. Cheers!
  8. @Earthyburt Thanks for feedback and your time! Yea. I know that I have messed it up big time, but right now I am pretty occupied with my uni stuff. After exams (about 2 months) I will refresh this old boy. I'll try to make it more transparent in terms of tutorial on Klei forum and inside mod folders. But as I have mentioned I need some time for my personal stuff and few days afer this to wrap my head around some Spriter issues I encountered some time ago. Cheers!
  9. @Remnince @Dantekris2013 Sorry guys, I'm not in moding for a while but I know the great people on forum will help you. Just make separate threads for your issues. Remnince - I think you need to use latest ESCTemplate and make changes manually I know that I am not helpful right now fellas, sorry
  10. So it's all about language barrier then... I can't do much in this matter
  11. Nope. Just upload your whole mod in .zip or wuk.lua
  12. Probably Wilson doesn't have his own tag, so you need to swap "wilson" with "character". And add inside common_postinit. Then add this line under and modifiy for something like this
  13. I have added comment so you should understand what is it. Place everything inside master_postinit and try again. If not send me crash log
  14. Hi. You can send me your whole mod in .zip and I will fix it, then explain what I did so you will learn. BTW looking sharp, buddy. Cheers
  15. local function friendsFOREVER(inst) local pt = inst:GetPosition() local range = 10 -- range of ability local hps = 5 -- sanity amount per tick local frens = { "wilson" } local targets = TheSim:FindEntities(pt.x,pt.y,pt.z, range, frens) for _,ent in ipairs(targets) do inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(hps) end end local function BFFs(inst) if not inst.components.health:IsDead() and not inst:HasTag("playerghost") then friendsFOREVER(inst) end end This part below needs to be placed inside master_postinit local toim = 2 -- time interval between every sanity tick (seconds-ish, it's not 100% accurate) inst:DoPeriodicTask(toim, BFFs, nil, inst) Try this inside [character's.name].lua