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Show gases in front of drywall and tempshift plate

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A fairly simple suggestion that I'm surprised I haven't seen yet so I figure it's time to mention it. Drywalls and tempshift plates show liquids in front of them but not gases, making it hard to see what is going on inside your pressurized rooms above the surface.

It would be nice to see the blue of oxygen when things are in good shape in a surface base, the pink of hydrogen if one of your electrolyzers had a runaway problem, the dark grey of carbon dioxide if your carbon skimmer has run out of water  or the absence of any color alerting you to the fact there is a leak in the base and the place is nearly a vacuum!

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I think it's not very important.

It would be better if the atmospheric overlay shows all gases with theire own color (keeping a dark or bright hue for each, according to the pressure). Because, even without drywall or other, it's sometimes difficult to see the small amounts of gaz. :( 

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