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Display map before picking Dupes

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I just spent ten minutes picking the right dupes ... only to wind up with a planet containing about 20 tiles of water, total, within visible distance, as well as nearly no dirt.  It was Copperville, and everybody was going to starve to death if they didn't die of oxygen withdrawal first.

I realize the developers don't want us to reload planets infinitely, but right now you can wind up with an uninhabitable planet and nothing to show for your time invested in building dupes.   An alternate solution would be to tune up the planet generator so that it discards builds with fewer than N water tiles, N dirt tiles, and so on.  Thanks for listening!

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This shouldn`t be happening. The starting zone always has at least 2 large water tanks and over 200 tonnes of dirt total. Did you explore the entire staritng area? Having very little dirt is a big issue in the long run as there`s no easy way to get it from other biomes.

Do you have a screenshot of your colony with no water and dirt? It never happened to me but i saw a thread with a super weird world creation not so long ago.

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@Sasza, I should have screencapped and saved the file, but I didn't.  Next time.   But having water *somewhere* in the initial biome isn't good enough.  It needs to be in comfortable digging distance from the printer, or you can't get the colony off the ground before it dies of starvation.

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Is this a joke? 20 tiles of water is plenty to start out with.

Copperville sounds like a dreamplanet to me, I suspect you just did not dig around enough.

all you would have had to do was to dig into slime biomes and filter the water there. Prioritize the necessary research first according to your starting situation. Deal with the slimelung properly and you're golden.

There are tonnes of food buried away in the forms of muckroot! Plenty of time to get a mushroom farm going, built from clay. Possible even if you don't find a single ounce of dirt.

Do you really need to see your map before selecting duplicants? Then use a custom seed you explored prior to starting.

I don't want the developers to change map generation just because some of their players flinch from the most basic of challenges.

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