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  1. Turn massive sour gas pockets into massive profit. isolate a AETN with insulant, and pump off the interior with a pump (see picture). once it's completely empty activate the AETN and pump in any sour gas you find in there. The AETN runs cold enough to turn sour gas into methane which can be stored easily until you want to burn it for power. I can't understand why people would want to get rid of sour gas, I boil my oil to get more of it. EDIT: just realized I forgot to power pump and shutoff. Oops.
  2. When was the last time you saw the "idle duplicants" notification? A healthy colony tends to have bored duplicants every now and then. If not chances are they are getting more chores than they can handle, and they will only do some of those high priority tasks. Investigate what is keeping your dupes from working. Be it too much ranching, tidying, or supplying. "long commutes" might be your culprit too. Your reports are your friend. Have a look at them. If that does not help you may want to overthink the priorities you've set for your duplicants.
  3. Well I suppose one man's trash is another man's treasure.
  4. At the expense of even more time and space requirements sure. And rocks that you don't care about. Another common use for fertilizer is cooking it to dirt (125° C)
  5. well, fertilizer essentially halves growth time (removes 1 cycle growth time once per cycle) This means you use half as much dirt, slime and/or water.
  6. Apologies for my blunt question. Welfare wasn't a thing I was aware of. Thanks Nova, Yunru; for filling me in.
  7. No I can't move on. Someone explain to me in detail how and why can "Wellfare Pod" be perceived as being offensive?
  8. My Great Hall sports a Mirth leaf as the only 20+ Decoration item. At leaf for me it works...
  9. Nice moustache!

  10. I noticed that composting more than a single compostable causes the Compost to use too much input. the screenshot shows a compost with polluted dirt, fungal spores and blossom seeds. The tooltip indicates it uses 100g/s compostables while emitting 100 g/s dirt. What the compost actually does is using 300 g/s compostables, 100 g/s of each avaliable type. I still only get 100g/s dirt though, costing me valuable ressources. Encountered in: RU - 284634 Rustic Pigpen.sav
  11. It appears to work in the automation previev update Great job Klei, can't wait for the next release!
  12. I noticed that Duplicants do not open the Pneumatic door when they pass it. Instead they jump from one stair to the other on the opposite side of the door. Locking the door and/or removing acces rights does not stop the duplicants from using the passage. Note how the Duplicant in the Image may navigate to the other side. I have not unlocked any other doors in this playthrough but I'll update if the same issue occurs with other doors.
  13. My Duplicants were not using the bathroom either ... they said ready to use. But then I noticed that the output pipes were full. So I think the tooltip is wrong or misleading.
  14. Constructing a rotateable entity does not work as expected if you change the construction material post rotation. Instead of the desired orientation you get the default one - Even though the floating construction ghost promises otherwise! I was having this (annoying) issue for a long time but was never able to reproduce the behaviour. Now that I understand that selecting material causes it I can avoid the nuisance. Apparently I am one of those weird guys that does things in different order than others Encountered last in DEVELOPMENT BUILD OI-236264 (Oil Upgrade)
  15. I have encountered this bug as well. However I found the culprits are the duplicants. Constructing mesh tiles, and once finished, building pipes inside them will sometimes cause duplicants to misstake the mesh tile for a ordinary diggable tile. In such a scenario they would haul the construction materials (so far as expected) then proceed to "dig" the tile (as if the pipe was planned on a "natural" tile). Digging appears to cause what the game recognizes as pressure damage to the mesh tile. The mesh tile can't be destroyed by pressure damage (which makes sense) and the duplicants will not proceed with the actual construction of the pipe until the mesh tile is destroyed. This causes them to keep digging the mesh tile endlessly, past the point of dropping the mesh tile to 0 "health". The screenshot features two such duplicants trying to dig mesh tiles. Please note that hovering over the duplicant (Catalina) indicates that she is "Digging". The same goes for the other Duplicant (Harold). I suspect you probably confuse the repairing animation with the digging animation. EDIT: in my second screenshot I attempted to dissuade the duplicants from their deconstructive behaviour by ordering them to move away. They will return and resume digging the mesh tile. The second screenshot shows that a dig task has been assigned. trying to cancel the dig task is not possible without cancelling construction of the pipe. Doing so will remove the pipe "ghost" and yield the cosntruction material which was intended for the cancelled task. This material will however be trapped inside the mesh tile rather than drop below (or placed on top of) the mesh tile as expected. Note the tiny sandstone triangle in my third screenshot. (fun fact: Harold gained a skill increase for digging while doing this ... not going to post a screenshot of that though). Waiting for a duplicant to repair the mesh tile works as expected ... causing a second duplicant to repair the mesh tile while the other one still attempts to dig it. Allowing the repairs to finish brings us back to square one where we have a dig task on a mesh tile. Tasking the removal of the mesh tile works around the problem, allows the duplicant (to believe he/she) finished digging the tile and resume construction. This allows to rebuild the mesh tile AFTER the pipe has been finished. I have not encountered this with normal built tiles (like some apparently have), but I witnessed it happen with Airflow tiles as well. (which caused several tons of polluted water to cave into the hydrogen airchamber below (which in turn caused said hydrogen to rise to the roof where it wasn't intended to ever go) ... causing a bit of a mess to say the least. The fact that mesh tiles take substantially longer to rebuild than pipes was just the tip of the iceberg until aforementioned happened.) FINAL EDIT (I hope): If it helps: I have witnessed this to happen with both gas pipes and liquid pipes (insulated editions as well). the screenshots feature iron mesh tiles and sandstone gas pipes. (In other cases, I also used wolframite liquid pipes, granite gas pipes and finally insulated abyssalite gas- and liquid pipes.)