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  1. You guys are awesome; the two color-blindness modes are a great thing to do.
  2. Oh, interesting. I have a Retina Macbook pro, so that might be causing the problem.
  3. The new broader spacing and (more important!) limited zoom for the Research screen makes it almost impossible to use on a laptop screen. First screencap is the results of a search; second is normal screen zoomed out as far as it can be. Both of these are the full screen. The newly-added whitespace between individual panels makes scrolling time-consuming. It's painful when you're trying to remember (say) where the automation wire is. Please bring back full zoom, and/or reduce the white (technically blue) space!
  4. Create a Wall Pot on the right side of a room. Notice that it doesn't have an "O" for "Rotate".
  5. I tend to file bugs narrowly: I observed this on X release of Y software on Z platform. Doesn't mean it isn't happening elsewhere!
  6. I play ONI on a Macbook laptop, latest OS release. When I'm using the Jobs tab and get to the bottom of the jobs list, selecting the list of dupes available for the job results in the list being hidden off the bottom of the screen. See screenshot. It would be much better if the scrolling list moved up above the bottom of the screen; this is a fairly common UI behavior. Note that the screenshot shows all the real estate in the bottom right of my laptop. I've included my About This Mac as a screenshot, because MacOS is dumb and doesn't allow you to copy-paste. By the way, your log file form only allows .txt and .mdmp files, even though the MacOS log file is named player.log. Player.log
  7. I'm in the beta for Don't Starve Hamlet. If I try playing Shipwrecked instead of Hamlet, none of the menus on the left of that game work. Same is true for Land of Giants. I can only play Hamlet at the moment. I have all three DLCs: Land of Giants, Hamlet, and Shipwrecked.
  8. Wow. Downloaded the patch and now none of the left-hand menus works for me. I enabled Shipwrecked but not Hamlet and now I can't play the game at all! Bug submitted. This happened on both Mac and PC. edit: I did try disabling the DLC. Didn't help.
  9. I'm seeing this, too; my brand-new world is at 22.5 degrees and the poor dupes don't have the resources to make insulated tiles or clothing!