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Thermal Conduits

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Just quickly suggesting some sort of wire that conducts heat well with other connected conduits, but not with the outside world as well as heat-sink-type device that exchanges heat with the outside world and connected conduits. Automation control would be even better.

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You want something that can absorb the heat from one room and transfer it to another one far from it without heating up anything along the way right?

As for now you can do it with radiant pipe setups. You start by pumping gas or liquid at a lower temperature than the room you want to cool into pipes (you use thermoregulators/aquatuners if needed) all pipes are abyssalite outside the room and radiant in the room. Then you pump it wherever. Maybe to an ice biome to heat it or to a cooling building and back to your room.

It can be easily automated with shutoffs.

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This is called a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_pipe

They contain a gas inside like Ammonia that evaporates and condenses again without any active pumping.

If some of the game physics were a bit different we could build this ourselves, the key is that their needs to be heat-of-fusion an energy gain or loss when a material goes through a phase transition.  But I think creating it as a structure in game would be better.  It would function like a Transit tube when being placed.  Their would be a terminus piece that has a radiator appearance and is where the heat is gained and lost.

The structure would be made using refined metal and require liquid Ammonia which wold be found as a gas in the Frozen Biome.

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