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New Balm Lilly use

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I'm brainstorming new uses for Balm Lilly, as they currently only get used for medicines that are rarely used.

First lets be able to put the Flowers (not the seeds) into flowerpots.  When used in this way we call it a 'flower arrangement' and their might be other ingredients needed such as a Bristle Blossom or water.  Lake all cut flower arrangements the flowers fade eventually, likely on a time frame of 5-10 cycles but have high decor while fresh.  They can also have an anti-germ effect on the air around them, much like a Wort dose with air temperature.  When the flowers wilt they become compostable and a task for new flowers is automatically generated.

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I have a use. Since they have no other uses than medicine, but remember, seeds and products are compostable, and also, balm lily flowers don't rot normally, and this way, it would be easier to get even more dirt. Or a new structure could use it to make sugar as well (Antiseptic Sugar) Hey. Anything's possible with the world of oni and underused things. Take chlorine for instance. Completely useless at first, now it can be turned into bleach stone.

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