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Hey, I'm new to shipwrecked and have some odd and very specific questions to ask you guys

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Frashaw27    1307

I have XX questions and I need you guys to answer. I have Bolded out the things that will help you quickly see the question and not have to read through my ramblings. Thanks to anyone to answers.

1. What things should I prioritize in the beginning? There are different things that need to be prioritized in the beginning based on things like play style, character, level of noobliness, etc. For reference sake, I'm currently playing Warly (I somehow end up being screwed over by having a lack of crock pots in the beginning so I chose the one that has a portable crock pot), I have a play style of trying to base ASAP (I'm the cautious type when I play video games), and I'm a noob at Shipwrecked who hasn't seen past Hurricane season (side note: I did note see the Sealnado during Hurricane season, did I somehow screw up by dying during Hurricane season or what?). I think the 5 things to should be prioritize in the very beginning. Notee that these are not listed is order in priority but in the order of when I thought of them.

  1. Gold. Gold makes the world go around.
  2. Make a Armored/Cargo Boat with a Snakeskin/Cloth Sail and a Boat Lantern. I like this boat setup int the first Mild season.
  3. Make basic living essentials. I qualify basic living essentials as something that can be easily replicated and has constant use. These included Gold tools, Backpack (I don't make it because I'm Warly but I would with any other character), Healing Salves (also not needed but gives a use for ashes and makes spider glands more efficient), Log Suit, Spear, Boat Torch, and Chest. Note that this is not things I immediately make but instead things that I make ASAP
  4. Make a Chiminea and a Palm leaf hut. Hut negates wetness and Chiminea reduces wetness without being putout by wind and rain.
  5. Make a Lightning Rod. Lightning strikes are not fun to hit with (unless you are WX-78 at which point it is wanted).

2. How do I get more Maps in Bottles. I just want some treasure but I have yet unlock Woodlegs (If anyone has tips, I'm all ears)

3. How should I go about exploring the map for things like Fishbone, Yaarctopus, Slot Machine, Volcano, Etc. I am tired of exploring the world and finding nothing of worth.

4. How do I force spawn the Quacken? I want the things that the Quacken drops as well as being able to use the Trawl Net for 20 days without worrying if the Quacken is going to spawn or not.

5. How do I find Graveyards more reliably? I want to make Supreme Cutlasses more regularly but I can't Watery Graveyards.

6. What would be the disadvantages of basing at the Volcano. 

7. Where is a good place to base? I personally prefer a large sandy beaches but I am open to ideas.

8. Is Whale hunting worth it and what can it net me?

9. Is Sand renewable?

10. During Monsoon season, Would it be valuable to change all my ground to man made ground and line my base with Sandbags.

Thanks to anyone that has read these questions and answering them. To anyone that has read to the end, Good bye and have a good day.


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Szczuku    15244

1. No matter which character you're playing you need on the 1st day to leave your starting Island. If you want a good start then you need to explore the map. If you're Warly then pick every food (mushrooms, seaweed, berries, coconuts, eggs, bananas, monster meat) and put it in your backpack (it'll stay fresh longer). If you don't know ds recipes then have Wiki opened.

As a Warly while you're exploring you should always make some crock pot food while on Island. But make sure you're not repeating dishes. The way I usually explore the map is by going from island to island untill I can make raw boat and a sail (any sail). Then I try to make armored boat. After that I swim to the edge of the map and explore map's limits so that I know how big map is. Of course I also visit islands to get some food and all that stuff

Things that you should try to find while you explore are: volcano, floaty boaty knights, swordfish (place a backpack near it's spawn) 2 doydoys, packim baggins.

Then you just find a good island to make a base and... well... survive

Also while you explore you can eat raimbow jellyfish so that you glow at night. It's better then boat lantern.

2. Maps in the bottles are limited. The only way to get more treasures is by playing Woodlegs. 

To unlock him you'll need 3 keys. First after killing Quacken. Second when fishing from the graves. Thrid from Yaarcoptus.

3. Volcano is always in the deep ocean usually in the corner of the map (that's why I explore by swiming near fog). Swordfish also always spawn in the deep ocean. There's usually one near Volcano. They also usually swim near watery graves or swimming chests. Slot machine's always on a small island that has mangroove (trees in the water). Fishbone can be on any Island. From my experience it's usually on the island with swamp.

4. Quacken has a chance to spawn when you use trawl net in the deep ocean. Every time you pick up an item with trawl net there's +5% that Quacken spawns. So more items=bigger %. After you kill Quacken it won't spawn for another 20 days, so it's safe to use trawl net in the deep ocean.

5. You just need to explore.

6. You'd need to bring jungle/grass turf to plant any plants on the volcano. Every time volcano erupts you instantly overheat while on the Volcano. There's a bug in shipwrecked that resets the volcano when you go to rog ds (not sure). But basing on the volcano is not impossible, so try it if you want to.

7. Big island near Volcano. Or an island with Fishermerms. 

8. Killing whales has a chance to get you boat lantern or bottle lantern. If you can kill whales without taking much demage then... yeah sure it's kinda worth it.

9. Yes. Unless you destroy sandpiles. 

10. Yeah. Definitelly change turf to man-made. Also you don't need to surround your base with sans bags. If you build rain-o-meter then you'll know when it rains. Stay in your base when it rains and when piddles start to spawn place a sandbag in the middle of the puddle. I sugest using "geometric placement" mod, it'll help you with that. When you put a sandbag in the middle of the puddle, it won't grow.

Hope this somehow helped 

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Frashaw27    1307

@Szczuku Thank you, and I have 2 more unimportant questions for you

1. Are Spyglasses useful in exploring? I was considering using a Super Spyglass to help map out the edges of the map in monsoon season.

2. What are some food to feed a Werepig for manure? Besides the normal things like petals and red mushrooms.

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Szczuku    15244

1. They are early in the game when you still have a lot to explore. Later you can use them to explore little black places on the map without actually going there. If you want to use them to explore eadges then yeah sure do that. If I'm lucky and I find spyglass in a treasure I usually use it WHILE exploring eadges to find the volcano.

Just make sure that you use them durring the day for best effect

2. Any vegetable and fruit (everything from farm and wild potatos) berries, any mushroom (their effects work on werepigs too so you should place red mushrooms last), (maybe) seaweed, (maybe) coconut and if you're playing Rog/Vanilla then lightbulbs. If you want to test something then feed it to normal pig and see if it drops manure- if yes then so will werepig

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