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Diagnostics for buildings with inputs and/or outputs

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In this thread a user is wonder why their toilet setup isn't working.  Turns out it's because the output pipe was full and thus the toilet couldn't output any more polluted water.  When a building in such a situation is selected the information panel should say something like "polluted water output pipe full", "water input pipe empty", and so on.  Such buildings should also have a little informational icon hovering next to them, like for buildings which are missing a foundation.


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Doesn`t the building already state things like "empty pipe" and "pipe blocked" meaning pretty much no input and blocked output. Maiing them clearer though wouldn`t hurt. Also an icon showing it`s blocked would be nice. Just disable the pipe blocked icon for pumps since they are always block if they don`t pump at 100% power and you rarely need that.

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