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Drecko Exodus

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another question while I'm at it:

I've returned to ONI after the EU update hit. I've reached the point where im going to ranch me some Dreckos, but I ran into a problem I havent had before. The Dreckos constantly get trapped in the atumomatic doors or escape the stable alltogether. This is new to me, I never had this issue before.

Can't screenshot right now, sorry. The stable is very simple for now, 4 tiles high rectangle with two automated doors on either side.

Appreciate any info about this!



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There are multiple ways to address it.

1. As I understand they will try to avoid water, so placing drekos between 2 pools 'half full' of water (2 tiles long 1 tile deep) with ladder for duplicants is good enough of a limit

2. Drekos will attempt to remain near food source, so make sure they have something to eat inside and nothing outside

3. Drekos can't jump over 2 tiles, so I just placed all mine on a line of blocks that isn't connected to anything and has at least two tiles of space between walls, if they drop an egg above - fine, a new one will be born where it was dropped, below and you can either sweep it in some way or move it to the top, in the very least it is less troublesome then drekos escaping and can be automated.

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