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I would love to be able to set when things like rocks, flowers, and carrots respawn. Like every 10 days or 15 days something like that. And to make it a challenge I think they should spawn on a different part of the map than where you got them at first so it would force you to move around some.

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2) Sandbox world configuration. While you don't directly control difficulty, and general game mechanics (hunger, spoilage, sanity, permadeath, etc) stay the same, you will be able to affect the properties of the world. As in, you can have a big world with no spiders, or a small world with lots of spiders, or a world that starts in winter, or a world with really short days, etc. These things will impact (and potentially greatly imbalance) your play experience. Of course you can still set everything to default and play the game as we have tuned it.

This is what Kevin said about world options.
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