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Making the game harder

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Not really; one of the quests actually involves escaping the world.

This card ruined my 40 day run. I didn't even build a house with walls and flooring yet D:Nor did I ever get to slaughter a spider queen, or make my own personal pig village, or make efficient grass and sapling farms, or experience the horrifying yet challenging hound attacks in the later day. It was the perfect little world.And the pain randonmiser made me leave it.And thats why I love it <3
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Isn't pyrophobia the fear of fire? what does that have to do with a spider queen? But still an awesome challenge.

No fire means you always have to sleep at night, so hunger will be an issue because you can't cook food. You will need low sanity to get the night armour and sword, that will be a dangerous situation without a way to quickly regain the sanity. Spider queen is just a boss monster I chose as an end goal.
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how do you get the armour and sword, are they craftables?

You craft them with nightmare fuel, that you get from killing those insanity creatures.I actually didn't know a bed roll improved your sanity, so it eneded up being easy, the hard part was waiting for a spider queen to spawn.I'm guessing a tree hugger run next.
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