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  1. What Got You To Play Don't Starve?

    Totalbiscuits original review of Don't Starve intrigued me, but Mike B's early playthrough of the game got my attention and made me buy the game ^_^
  2. I Fear to explore now :(

    This thread was made by me around 2-3 months ago, and people are still replying to it D:Anyways, beemines are your friend when your far away from your base and hounds are near!
  3. I'm not sure if this is fixed, but it seems that Wilson when examining anything while moving stops for 1 second then moves again.Also when playing as the new playable character, when he gets hurt he makes Wilson's hurt noises instead of his original hurt lines.
  4. Woot! 1 day away from launch and we're already back in the top 10
  5. We're Live!

    Also, incase your interested, Bigfoot responded to how I felt about the ending earlier..... April 18th when it was still in the "Release Candidate" phase. Atleast from this you can infer that Klei wasn't rushed, or didn't care about the ending. There still amazing developers, but for some reason perhaps Bigfoot or Kevin thought it was a good idea to keep the ending very VERY vague in hopes that would be acceptable and a good ending. But Maxwell literally says 5-7 lines *very shot, yet amusing lines..* then that's pretty much it "The End!".Hopefully post content will reveal a much better ending explaining Maxwell, how he got there, who he is exactly, and will explain Wilson alot more, because ending or not, you get no new info about Wilson or Maxwell :(There's one GOOD thing about the ending.....ya know...the new playable character...
  6. We're Live!

    This won't spoil the ending at the least, but heres what's to be expected...
  7. We're Live!

    Oops, Kevin, Bigfoot, I found a small bug you might want fixed before you launch the "official" launch on April 23rd
  8. Release Candidate!

    Hahaha, yeah that's the first thing that struck me when he said that.
  9. Release Candidate!

    Ahhh I really want to play as Maxwell right now and check out his speech, but I cheated to get to the ending since I was curious and couldnt wait. Now I'm considering of doing it legit, and having Maxwell's character dialogue and quotes be the prize for beating Don't Starve!
  10. Release Candidate!

    Nah, I just wanted more dialogue between Wilson and Maxwell at the end besides "So this is the end" and "My puppets..."That's it, just some explanation, a bit of lore, nothing too drastic or expensive like the Origin video *That was brilliant, but I knew beforehand that it took alot of time and was a bit expensive which is why I completely denied there would be another type of video like that at the end*Something to explain Maxwell, flesh out his character a bit more! Make me feel like level 6 is "The final confrontation with Maxwell" and not "A small chit-chat with Maxwell"!
  11. Release Candidate!

    Yeah, but why couldn't they atleast expand upon Maxwell's story, about him being there, how he isn't a jerk and his capturers forced him to do it, what he was like before he got captured by the world of Don't Starve and became the "King of the throne". They could of done that, all without spoiling much of anything post release!
  12. Release Candidate!

    But that was "the end" of Don't Starve before launch.To be frankly honest, that was the most disappointing ending I've ever gotten from a game. I find that this ending, coming from Klei, who have been working tirelessly to improve and develop the game and done a brilliant job with the large amount of content they were able to produce in a short amount of time, shocking. I never expected this coming from Klei. They had plenty of time to refine the ending for the past 2 weeks! *This update is focused mainly on the end of Don't Starve*I dislike the ending. Not because it was bittersweet, not because it wasn't a "happy ending". No, the reason I dislike it is because it feels very imcomplete, the fact that this is literally the candidate ending release makes me a bit sad. I mean, what happens when post content comes out, and the ending to that is yet another small and undeveloped ending like the current one? I was so pumped for Maxwell to talk with a ton of dialogue about him and the world of Don't Starve, but just a few lines made me loose the hype, and stop wondering what comes post launch.Heck, the ending didn't even make Wilson feel like the canon character, you could play as any other character and call them cannon as well..Please Klei, tell me there's something I'm missing here :(P.S. Can someone tell me what happened to the "choice" part devs promised a while ago? There's no choice, what you do in level 6 is required, there is no other choice
  13. Release Candidate!

    So I just played through adventure mode and got to the end....