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  1. This thread was made by me around 2-3 months ago, and people are still replying to it D:Anyways, beemines are your friend when your far away from your base and hounds are near!
  2. Honey boxes are near useless for me now, it takes WAY too long to produce some honey.I guess I'll find be using butterflies to heal now...
  3. I tried this, it seems the majority of the time snowbirds drop a snowbird feather ._.I'd love it if 75% of the time a bird will drop a morsel when hit with a boomerang.
  4. Perhaps make it so that there are multiple pig kings in the world instead of just one. Maybe make all pig villages have pig kings but they are rarer to find?
  5. Woah, this looks more like a bug, the red roots relates to insanity, and willow is clearly doing the "slowly going insane" animation. Report it to the devs since a bug is probably making it look like your going insane but in reality your pretty sane.
  6. Pigs are difficult to kill now, so yeah, hire 1 pig with monster meat to kill another pig and get 1 meat out of it
  7. I only use chests to store flammable objects and materials, otherwise they are kind of useless to me.
  8. Sounds terrifying, I'm surprised you survived it all.
  9. Ever since the winter update, certain recipes have been moved around. The wiki hasn't been updated in ages in terms of the crock pot recipe sheet. Anyone know some good, cheap crock pot recipes that restore a nice amount of hunger and health?
  10. Yesss,Maxwell smiles upon my fate! Life just got a little easier xP
  11. Well to tell ya the truth, ever since they made hounds harder, I always set up base near a pig village near the first few days of exploring and trying to find one. If you made a base and already got somewhat far into the days, then you could possibily move your base then....
  12. With the sanity rate going up 6.6 a minute and the warmth of a winter hat, this hat is one of the best in game <3
  13. I don't believe Morsels giving you 30 health and roasted carrots giving 24 health was there intention in the first place, more like a bug that has been fixed in this patch.Come on, the easiest items to get in game *carrots, morsels* giving that much health and hunger? That would be like the new "honey" where it gives way too much health and hunger in the first place.Now though, morsels and carrots are patched, and there values for health and hunger are normal again
  14. In the early days, pig villages are very helpful. Just remember, if an uncontrollable amount of hounds come at night, just run around your camp fire at night eating quickly and wait till day to run to a pig village. Near end day games though, bee mines are so SO SO helpful, cheap to make, and if Klei nerfs those too, I'm so screwed xP
  15. Was wondering this because I depend on bee mines for hounds in end game stages and I'm a bit afraid due to the fact bees don't come out of there hives in winter, will they still aggro onto enemies that step onto the mind in winter?
  16. I'd love to see a video of you taking on a pack of 12 hounds solo, no help from anything besides you, your armor, and your weapon. I can't do it, and heavily rely on bee mines when reaching end game day 100+ Or can you only do kiting through the help of swamp tentacles, beefalo, or pigs?
  17. I think that when pigs are followers, you can initiate them to attack with 2 commands, 1 is just straight rambo and pounce, and the other is fighting and kiting.
  18. Hounds on day 100 on ridiculous, which is why I carry around and stock pile bee mines. 3 bee mines usually take care of a pack of 12 hounds
  19. I found the difficulty to be quite balanced, and I found a nice easy food supply as well that last all summer and winter ^_^Only thing I used to hate about the new update was hounds, but after a few tips about cheap bee mines are and how effective they are against a large amount of hounds when exploring, I find myself playing a brand new playstyle both interesting and fun. Rather then just putting down a monster meat and dominating the hounds, placing 3 bee mines goes ahead and completely devasts a pack of 12 hounds in a brief moment xD.We love ya Klei!
  20. I already has this planned out, it's a pretty effective strategy, that way if your not prepared for the deerclops, him destroying your base and you running away won't waste your real hard work on your summer base ^_^
  21. Seemed pretty effective against 7 hounds *5 got kited and killed, then I got mauled and respawned by an effigy*, they are pretty cheap to make in endgame, thanks!Although I swear, if Klei nerfs bees and beemines I'm so gonna rage quit ._.
  22. I believe leaving your world doesn't reset the hounds #s but I'm not sure. Also being forced to leave your world because of a regular ingame cycles mechanic of 12 hounds, leaving your precious base that you built, crafted together, and survived in for 100 days on your 2nd try? That doesn't seem so fair....atleast I think. I believe there cycle is every 3 days, afterward 3 days hounds can show up anytime. That's not necessarily a good idea, that only allows hounds to pack up overtime and result in severe consequences if not dealt with soon enough.
  23. I died trying to kite 12 hounds while starving, with 100% durability on a pig helmet and logsuit. If Im out exploring, odds are I'm far away from any help such as a swamp, pigs, tentacles, etc. I might get lucky and find a random beefalo herd, a swamp, or another pig village, but that's situational at the most ._. Running around all day and night trying to kite 12 hounds isn't my idea of adventuring and exploring.... Sure I had a meat effigy, but now I have to go all the way back to the site I died, try to kite them again with a newly equipped armor and weapon, and if I fail, run all the way back to my base and kill them with a bee mine and base. Then I got to run all the way back to the site I died and pickup my stuff, and either continue exploring or go back to my base. At that point, I'm probably going to be a bit annoyed by doing all of that busy work and not actually experiencing the Don't Starve exploration I once knew before the update ._. To me, in the endgame, the game is not "Don't Starve", it's more like "Don't die" Endgame- where a hound attack of 12 could happen 3 days or later after day 100 ._. - - - Updated - - - You miss my point, I want to explore, not turtle in my base with my tooth traps and beeboxes *some sort of arena* and bee mines, or stay in a pig village or beefalo herd. That's no fun
  24. But the endgame shouldn't be as impossible as this. Hounds near endgame discourage exploring and encourage turtling near a beefalos place, a pig village, swamp, or your own base..... And that is no fun nor is it really fair. I think hounds were better and more balanced in the last update. You miss my point, I want to explore, not turtle in my base with my tooth traps and beeboxes and bee mines, or stay in a pig village or beefalo herd. That's no fun
  25. Hounds.Before, Hounds seemed okay to me, I could just lay down some monster meat then kill a group of hounds. Now, I'll get mauled if I'm....1. Not near my base with a ton of tooth traps.2.Not near a pig village3.Not near a beefalo herd.4. Not near a swamp.Now how can I explore when I have the paranoia that the new clever hounds will come and maul me any day now after day 3 of the most recent hound attack? All it does is encourage me to turtle in my base -_-.How do you guys deal with hounds? Do you just use armor and a pig helmet? That doesn't work for me, day 102 and I died with 100% durability on both along with a tentacle spike. I was out exploring my map, then got surprised how much tougher the hounds were, then realized all character damage has been nerfed.I think this is a bit ridiculous